Monday, July 05, 2010

Long weekend roundup

Here is more on BC's latest commit Connor Wujciak. Inside the article he mentions frequent talks with Andre Callender during the process. It is nice to see Seton Hall Prep guys sticking together.

This article focuses on UConn but also mentions that BC football turned a profit last season. I guess we owe Tampa Bay thanks for taking Jags' buyout off our payroll.(Thanks to Mike for the link.)

Ryan Glasper is keeping his career alive in the UFL...and still has a bit of bad blood towards TOB.

Tampa bloggers still have hope for Ryan Purvis.

Former BC Director of Basketball Ops Preston Murphy may end up back up at URI on Barron's staff.

BC has reportedly offered Pennsylvania guard Darrun Hilliard.


mod34b said...

I was surprised BC only made $1.3 million profit on football. The site noted in the article is the US DOE ( It has reams of data of all sorts.

Below is glimpse of 2008 ACC revenues and expenses pulled off the DOE site.

All number in millions and in the form of revenue - expenses = profit (loss)

BC :: 20.7 - 19.4 = 1.3
CLE :: 35.2 - 18.8 = 16.4
DU :: 9.0 - 15.7 = (-6.7)
FSU :: 24.9 - 16.7 = 8.2
GT :: 22.8 - 16.1 = 8.2
NCSU :: 21.8 - 11.0 = 10.8
MD :: 14.0 - 11.7 = 2.3
MIA :: 27.2 - 21.0 = 6.2
UNC :: 24.1 - 15.4 = 8.7
UVA :: 20.2 - 17.2 = 3.0
VT :: 27.7 - 18.2 = 9.5
WAKE :: 10.3 - 13.4 = (-3.1)

Considering BC's poor home game attendance and small stadium, BC seems to have done relatively well.

Matt said...

Hilliard scouts report...90 rating, not bad -

Last Updated: 7/6/2010 Data provided by Scouts, Inc.

Scouts Grade



September, 2009: Darren is an athletic lefty shooting guard. He has a solid and smooth game, no wasted motion that is very effective. He is fundamentally sound and makes good basketball decisions. He is a good shooter with range to 19 feet. He has the ability to slash to the basket also. Hilliard is a good defender. He has solid length and athletic ability. Darren is a team player and lets the game come to him, he does not force many plays. He is one of the major sleepers on the East Coast.

EasyRider said...

I still despise O'Brien because of the Glasper situation. My father was a football coach and I have become one myself and the #1 rule he taught me was "Take care of the kid first." That has many applications and interpretations and yes team is important, but from a coach's stand point you should never sacrifice the player for any reason. It reminds me of the best advice I got when I was recruited to play coming out of high school, "Use football, don't let football use you." I fear too many coaches these days want to use the players to their own devices and don't look at the back end consequences.

John said...

I'm with EasyRider - Glasper was handed a sh.. deal by O'Brien and his staff. He was a high level player for us, and Ryan deserved his redshirt after that serious hip injury - no question about it.

Big Jack Krack said...

T.O.B. has been mailing it in for quite some time. If he doesn't win in Raleigh this year, he'll have a seat next to Al Skinner. You would think that O'Brien would take care of his players as his Number One priority.

Take care of the student-athletes, coaches. Take the high rode, and stop looking at this as a paycheck.

Big Jack Krack said...


Ry said...

regarding the football team's profit margin, i have to wonder if the cost of the construction of the yawkey building might be pro-rated over a certain time period as an expense and might serve to dampen the numbers a bit. just a though, i don't really know how these things work or if a building like that would ever count against the program as opposed to the general operating budget itself.

CT said...

you're both surprised BC "only" made 1.3 million and then say we seem to have done "relatively" well given poor attendance, etc. which is it?

10th out of 12 teams in the money-maker isn't good...but bc will never be about its athletic dept. turning in gobs of money to the school's endowment. so what exactly do these numbers tell you? that we have less money to spend on tennis? that we don't offer schollies in certain sports? what's it mean mod? context, message board king. context.

mod34b said...

CT -- Lighten up my friend, you are turning to much to the dark side, adn you know who else is there waiting to greet you.

I was pleasantly surprised at BC's relativly high revenue numbers but that our profit was so low. It is also surprising to see that BC put more money into football than 10 other ACC teams (of course, things are way cheaper down south). I guess that BC is making the investments in football that are needed. that's a good thing.

Almost $21 million in revenue puts us right in the middle of the ACC pack, close to UNC, FSU, GT, NCSU, UVA. Also glad that Wake and MD are in our division, given how little they put into or get out of their football programs.

Clemson -- Death Valley turns out the cash. Surprised FSU is not similar.