Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Recruiting outlook and other links

ESPN published a state of the recruiting class piece today. It doesn't really break any news or provide much hard analysis, but it does summarize where we are and where we are going. My only concern with recruiting so far is the lack of commitments. Every year it seems like we don't have enough on our B list, so after we miss out on some A list, we are left to find new guys and late bloomers.

Here are some draft ratings for current college players. Herzy is mentioned and they say that his rating hasn't changed despite his illness and surgery. How can that be? I still think Herzy will be an NFL player, but shouldn't he get back on the field before we decide how it will translate to the NFL? In the end it is all offseason filler. (Thanks to all those who sent the link.)

Here is Phil Steele's ranking of the ACC team's of the decade. No word on if we will be included in the Big East rankings too.

Tyrese Rice is playing well in Utah's summer league team, but it is still unlikely to make their final team. He's battling Sundiata Gaines and Othyus Jeffers for playing time.

Kevin Challenger resigned with Montreal. He will always have a little more staying power in the CFL since he is a Canadian citizen.


blist said...

The recruiting roundup seemed encouraging with its mention of potential for top 25 class - and though I know most of us agree recruiting class rankings are highly suspect, that's a pretty cool thing to read and makes me feel Spaz is the right man for the job, moreso if game strategy (and the QB) improve..

Leather D said...

Actually, the Big East rankings came out over the holiday weekend, and we were sixth. They are linked in the article.