Monday, July 12, 2010

Matt Ryan in his own words

Matt Ryan filled in for Peter King, in King's Monday Morning Quarterback column. He acquits himself well. His one BC note is that he thinks BC will do well this year and is excited for Herzy.

Note to Matt: if you liked that and want to blog more, we can always find space for you here!

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mod34b said...

Nice bit my Matt Ryan.

I hope Herzy comes back, but I've yet to hear that he can hit in practice and be the physical beast he was. Frankly, I hope he does not push it too far. Does it really makes sense to subject one's body to such a high level physical punishment after a year of battling cancer?

I am sure these are very difficult issues for Herzy and his family. And I hope Herzy and his family know that Herzy already is a great inspiration (and a great credit to BC) whether he comes back full throttle or not.

Anyone got any good Herzy updates?