Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recruiting, Scouting update and other links

BC target New Jersey TE Jack Tabb sounds really high on Pitt.

Here is a Q&A with future Eagle Dennis Clifford.

This NFL Post writer is pretty harsh on our SR talent. I understand his comments on Castonzo, but regardless of Castonzo's technique, his end results are so strong that I think he will be very good at the next level. This scouting report accurately states that Herzy's draft status will depend purely on his recovery.

Notre Dame finally introduced Mik Aoki to the media. No word on BC's baseball search.


Brablc said...

I'm liking the Clifford pick-up more and more as I read about him. Seems like a genuine and nice kid, who is working his tail off to get better. Should fit the the Don's system well and be receptive to coaching!

Also, love that he's an early New England area signing! Should help as we talk to the 2011 - 2012 classes from New England (Thaarpe, Murphy, Kaleb T., Thomas, etc.)

Alex F. said...

I looked through some of that NFL Post guy's other prospect writeups and hardly any of them were positive. BC's wasn't really out of place.....FWIW, I think Albright's best fit at the next level is as a 3-4 OLB.

mod34b said...

Albright in the NFL???

Seems very unlikely. Let's just hope he stays healthY this season and can mount a serviceable pass rush

As to 3-4, I would like to see some of that this year Seems like we got the peeps except maybe no solid NT - which I guess puts the kibosh to that idea

Erik said...