Sunday, August 15, 2010

BCD's interview and other links

In case you missed it, here part 1 of BC Draft's interview with Weber State head coach Ron McBride. Part 2 will be up Monday afternoon on Eagle Insider.

The New York Times wonders if our easy schedule would diminish a 10-win season. That would be a nice problem to have.

Ron Brace passed his physical and is finally practicing with the Pats.

Billy Flutie wants to take Gene D's job one day (I am fighting every urge I have from making a joke).

Finally, I didn't want to highlight this nonsense since Bob Hohler's BC work is always about grabbing attention, it is hard not to say something. I don't begrudge anyone's salaries. Life is clearly not fair and very few things are a true meritocracy. But at the same time market forces work pretty well and correct imbalances. College athletics is a demanding, high profile profession. These jobs have a certain value in the market place. BC pays what is has to in order to stay relevant. Having successful coaches has been a blessing for the school. If fans think Gene is paid too much or paid Skinner and Jags too much, they can make their opinions known by not giving. There is really not much news in any of this, but that never really stops Hohler.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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mod34b said...

ATL -- what's your Flutie joke?

Also, the comments to the Billy Flutie article are funny. Apparently, the MetroWest crowd (the very, very dull Framingham crowd, for those not local) is a mean one and has no patientce for yet another Flutie-centered story, particularly about Billy a back up player! (can't say I blame them)

Nice to see the NYT has BC ranked #24 -- ahead of FSU (#27) and way ahead of Clemson (#49).

Let's hope for 6-2 in conference play. That should get us to the ACCCG. We can all assume that VT will mostly likely be an "L". We can also asume that we will beat UVA, Duke, WF, NCSU, MD. Thus, if we can beat either FSU or Clemson, but not necc. both, we should be in great shape.

blist said...

Is it an odd choice by horner to quote the president emeritus of UNC as saying schools' values are out of whack when UNC named an arena after its still-living, still-coaching coach?

Ryan said...

Why do you assume that VT is an automatic loss? Sure, last year was terrible but playing with a frosh QB at Lane is a whole different story than playing at home after a year of experience and VT losing most of their line. I think a very close VT or BC is win is more appropriate.

mod34b said...

Ryan -- you are right. We can beat VT. But I am just assuming a loss somewhere in our conference schedule in projecting a final record. I am sure you would agree that BC is likely to lose a few games, and the most likely game we will lose is to VT. But who knows, we could beat VT, beat FSU, beat Clemson and lose to MD and UVA???

Hope we go 12-0, which could happen, but I would not bet on it.

Dan said...

So Josh Haden went to UF last week and now his brother Jordan is transferring out of UF this week??? Interesting.

DS said...

check this out! title game anyone?

Dustbowl said...

"We goin' to the Ship ... (WHAT)"

"We goin' to the Ship ... (WHAT)"

"We goin' to the Ship ... (WHAT)"

"We goin' to the Ship ... (WHAT)"

"We goin' to the Ship ... (WHAT)"

Dan said...

Nice day for BC on ESPN.

We got into the 20 teams with NC hopes as mentioned above, Herzy got into the 20 things to watch for and a picture on the CFB front page and Shinskie got some ESPN Boston love and also a CFB front page picture. GEEETTTIIIINNN Pumped for the season!!!

Emil said...

yo... so i'm abroad in chile, but i have a class with a bunch of notre dame kids. any ideas as to how i should portray my hate for them?

already told me that they nicknamed us 'backup college'. not gonna fly, people.

eagleboston said...

Ah, the pre-season. When hope springs eternal. When the BC alumni start talking national championship before a single down has been played. First thing is first.....gotta beat Weber State.

ATL_eagle said...

My joke would have been at Gene's expense.