Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scrimmage, media day and more

Since TOB left there has been one pattern to our summer scrimmages -- the defense dominates. Even with Matt Ryan, the D got out early and brought a lot of pressure. Part of it was talent and part was design. The idea was to test the offense early so that they could progress and learn. With that in mind, I think the early results of our first scrimmage were encouraging. Shinskie and Marscovetra both put up solid numbers as did potential RB threat Andre Lawrence.

Friday was Media Day. This year there was obviously added interest because of the Herzlich storyline, but the event is usually a low key affair. What I find interesting are the little details, like this notebook that talks about how Harris' backups are developing. The mix of players is always a bit telling too as they put the seniors and they guys the coaches have high expectations for at the tables.

ESPNBoston was at media day too and filed this article on Castonzo. Let's hope they have consistent and meaningful BC coverage this year.

Captain Alex Albright was pretty candid at Media Day talking about Herzlich.

WZBC has stepped up their coverage of Media Day too.

Shinskie's comfort level remains an ongoing theme within the media. Yet HD still remains somewhat skeptical.

The Hockey team will be honored at the White House.

Although he sounds like he wants to stay out west, BC is recruiting Chase Rettig's younger brother.

Rivals thinks we have one of the better Olines in the country.

Here is the Montel Harris video from the most recent episode of Saturday's in the South.


mod34b said...

I like this from herald. (the same type of praise of quinn also in bc press release on scrimmage)

"Redshirt freshman Dillon Quinn, who had three sacks and a tackle for a loss, stood out at defensive tackle."

Do we have a star in the making?

Also, new WR issues. Most out with hamstring issues. Not good.

America said... has a short video of Spaz from media day. They will be posting more nextg week. Check it out!!

eagleboston said...

It goes without saying that these scrimmages have only a slight correlation with how things will play out during the season. Many of the starters only see limited action and the coaches are careful not to show too much. Also, since so many players are shuttled in and out, fatigue is not a factor as it would be in a real game.

Still, there are some definite positives. The defense that has for years had difficulty pressuring the QB, had 8 sacks, 3 by Quinn alone. The QB's were efficient and made few mistakes and the running backs had some nice performances, giving us depth that we so desperately need.

If BC gets significantly better play this year from the QB and the D-line positions and holds there own in the others, this could be a great season.

eagleboston said...

Correction. "holds their own."

evr2xl said...
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evr2xl said...

Am I correct in believing that the QBs are not hit in these scrimmages? If so, how are sacks defined? Touch? If not 8 sacks would be worrisome in regards to depth on the O-line.