Friday, August 13, 2010

What to make of Herzy's foot injury

More info came out today regarding Mark Herzlich's foot injury. He officially has a broken bone in his right foot (his tumor was in his left left). Originally rumored to be a stress fracture, we still don't know the exact diagnosis of the break nor which bone is broken. Mark claims to be pain free and ready to play. Most of us are asking the same questions: will he play and when?

I am really not worried about any of this. There are a few ways this could play out.

1. It is a minor fracture and will heal before Weber State.
2. It is a minor fracture that will take longer to heal but still in time to take on Virginia Tech.
3. It never really heals and Mark plays through it all season while resting during the week.

Regardless, Mark will play this season.

If this injury is nagging and Mark never reaches his full potential, it will be sad and frustrating but not a reason to doubt this team's upside. We are deep at LB and can shuffle the depth chart if Mark is limited. Also remember that Matt Ryan played most of 2006 on a broken foot. Now the demands and mobility of a QB ad LB are entirely different, but Matt showed that once the adrenaline gets pumping you can play through the pain.

I feel for Mark, but don't blame BC for dragging their feet. If this leads to a 100% healthy Herzy then it will all be worth it. We obviously know that Mark is tough and a survivor. He showed great faith and intelligence during this whole process. Now let's hope that the patience pays off.


Anonymous said...
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SaturdaysOnShea said...

I think a lot of us who were on campus in 2006 can remember Matt Ryan walking around with a boot on while still suiting up for gameday on Saturday. I'm not too overly concerned with this injury. I think its getting more pub than it would because its Herzy.

mod34b said...

Notes from today's scrimmage:

"True freshman LB Kevin Pierre-Louis led the defense with five tackles. Redshirt freshman DT Dillon Quinn was a dominating presence when on the field, recording four tackles and three sacks. Senior DE Alex Albright and junior CB Isaac Johnson both recorded four tackles. Albright added a sack and Johnson had a pass break up."