Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Growing Power Lawrence Academy and other links

In all the back and forth regarding Max Ricci's commitment, I was left to wonder when did Lawrence Academy become such a power. They currently have four BCS commits and might get a fifth. The odds are that some of these guys will not pan out. Let's hope we have the pick of the liter.

For those who missed it, NBC hired BC guy Mike Mayock to join their Notre Dame broadcasts. This is a great article on how it came together.

Here is the latest BC Draft special now in their new home.

CFN expects big things from Dillon Quinn and Johnathan Coleman

Jay Kenney is another late bloomer hoping to score a BC scholarship offer.

The football team visited Camp Harbor View. I am glad they continue to do these things. One afternoon can make a big difference.

Tony Thurman will be BC's honoree at the ACC legends event this year. I understand why they do it, but I still think it is silly that BC players who never set foot in teh ACC are now conference legends.

Herzy was on a North Carolina radio show and you can listen to it here.


mod34b said...

Interesting piece on Dillon Quinn. CFN has selected him as one of the best Red Shirt Freshmen in the country, and he is mentioned along with players from LSU, Texas and Wisconsin. Not bad. Let's hope the hype is true. We really need some new energy on the DL. If Quinn is as good as billed, this couold really make a difference for the D as a whole.

Wonder if Quinn has displaced Kaleb Ramsey and that is why Ramsey appaerently is/was AWOL from the team.

Here is what CFN actaully said about Quinn:

DL Dillon Quinn, Boston College
Eagle coaches can’t wait to take the seal off Quinn, the cover boy of the program’s 2009 class. He has four-year starter written all over him, quickly rising up the depth chart in the spring and taking the lead at the tackle spot next to Damik Scafe. He moves a lot faster and lighter than your average 6-6, 279-pounder, while playing with the get-off of much smaller linemen. A good fit for a program that covets toughness

Dan said...

1 month to go!!

Scott said...

Rumor has it that Kaleb Ramsey returned to BC today.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Scott - hope it's true.

And I hope we can count on him for the DL. We have some good players, but depth was a potential problem. We need the ability to run guys in and out to stay fresh and keep the pressure on the QB this year for sure.

Go BC!