Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New captains, Herzy news and other links

The football team elected Alex Albright, Anthony Castonzo, Wes Davis and James McCluskey as captains for the 2010 season. I am curious how they arrived at four, since we've had two, three and four at different times over the past decade. All guys are what you want in Captains and should serve the team well. A few people were surprised that Mark Herzlich was not also elected. Don't read too much into it (health of personality related). Herzlich missed practice again today and according to the Herald has a stress fracture in his right foot (his left leg had the tumor). If it is a stress fracture, this will be a lingering story and injury. The only thing that heals stress fractures is time and low impact stuff. I am sure he can play through it...let's hope it doesn't slow him down or progress.

[Pushy Eagle Insider links coming ahead!]
In addition to getting content from me and others, the cool thing about becoming a member at Eagle Insider is that you get recruiting scoop from across the network. For example BC is already targeting 2012 QBs and 2013(!?) QBs. The 2013 kid isn't even a the fulltime starter at his high school but already has an offer from BC. That's got to be a good feeling.

Here is one of the better previews on the team.

This analytical look at the ACC predicts that BC will finish fourth in the division. HD has us 7th overall.

As expected Josh Haden will be joining his younger brother at Florida. No idea if a good tattoo artist will be able to make the BC logo look like the Gator logo.

BC just offered Massachusetts athlete Manny Asprilla.

The BC Draft guys go through their wish list.


Dustbowl said...

Could the stress fracture in the right foot be related to the cancer treatment in left leg? (e.g.,favoring good leg, causing extra stress on good leg??)

Spaz has answer:

Coach Frank Spaziani said he’ll maintain the same careful approach he’s used with Herzlich all summer.

“What he’s attempting to do is very difficult,” Spaziani said. “It hasn’t been done. He hurt his foot. Is that related to anything? I don’t know.

“I’m not smart enough to know that. I know it’s a little setback, and he’s not out here. We’re hoping it’s just a normal little injury and he’ll be fine and we’ll go with that. I don’t think anyone knows.”

Erik said...

I think the team realizes Mark will have enough going on with a million news stories and dealing with serious health issues that he doesn't need the extra responsibility of leading the team in an official capacity.

That said, you don't need your name listed in the program as a captain to display leadership in front of the rest of the team.

It's good to see a nice pipeline developing with Everett. We're also recruiting Nerlins Noel for basketball, so maybe they're buddies and both will come here.

Galvin said...

Nerlins Noel is a great name. I want him on the team for that reason alone. On a more serious note, I hope Herzlich takes his time and puts his health first. I'm sure he is itching to get onto the field.

eagleboston said...

I hope they rest Herzlich until it heals. We really need him for the ACC part of the schedule. If he shuts it down now, he could be fully healed by late September. Besides, I want his return to be on national TV against a major team. ESPN Gameday anyone?

JohnQPublicSchool said...

Can you get Matt Alkire a picture where his head isn't tilted?

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