Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Herzy's foot and other links

No one was more frustrated Monday than Mark Herzlich as his first official day back was postponed due to a nagging foot injury. All the reports say it is unrelated to the cancer and he could play through it if needed. But I do agree with the doctor's orders to get him to 100%.

In cooler news, BCeagles.com's photo gallery gives us our first glimpse of the new Under Armour practice jerseys.

Assuming he stays healthy Montel Harris could pass Derrick Knight on the all-time rushing list this season.

In his notes section Blaudschun mentions Momah playing both ways.

BC was one of the first to offer Worcester WR Canaan Severin.

This is what HD is following at our camp.


Matt said...

Sounds like the opposite of what Donahue is looking for after talking about playing fast -


April, 2010: Caudill is quite the physical specimen, but he hasn't improved as much as I had hoped since evaluating him as a rising freshman. His skills have improved as he can finish with either hand and he can nail the outside shot at the elbow. However, he has very little lift and he doesn't move well. He is a very hard worker and has made strides in the stamina department, but based on his lack of development he is probably a better fit at the low to mid-major level. He doesn't run well in transition and he struggles finishing against more athletic bigs. What level he ends up at remains to be seen, but with his skills, savvy, and athletic limitations, he should be looking at schools where they play at a slow-tempo and run a lot of motion offense where he can set screens (pick and pop offensive sets). When it's all said and done, the Big Sky may be the call.

Old Heightsonian said...

The practice unis look good. If only the game unis looked as good, i.e. block letters / numbers instead of italics.

Also: no more Maroon stripe on the helmets? Or have they just not yet been painted?

eagle1331 said...

It was block lettering/numbering on the old practice unis as well. Not much change there aside from the piping.. and the UA logo. The shorts are changed every year so that's no big surprise.

Maroon stripe on the helmet is actually a sticker that gets changed before every game (as are the numbers, American flag, NCAA logo, and warning stickers). The equipment people normally won't put the stripes on until much closer to the first game.. the process is a pain in the butt, takes a few hours, and the helmets are meticulously cleaned before each sticker goes on. The process also happens before each game.. and helmets that are deeply scratched or scuffed get fixed the day after a game by professionals off campus...

Dan said...

Interior of the D-line looks pretty light on experience but at least there's some beef back in there.

Shinskie looks like he's in better shape in the pics (or at least less like a minor-league pitcher that scarfs down a lot of fast food and beers on the road). It could be fun to see Larmond's speed on returns.

Erik said...

It's amazing how big these dudes are compared to scrubs like me.

Momah looks like he spent the past 7 months getting ready for DE, hopefully he still has some speed if he plays WR. He should be able to out-muscle a lot of DBs.

Old Heightsonian said...

Eagle1331, Thanks for all the insight. Much appreciated. And thanks to all of those who work behind the scenes, cleaning, striping and fixing helmets, and generally ensuring that our boys look sharp ... now if we could only get rid of those italics!