Friday, August 06, 2010

No respect in Coaches' poll and other links

As usual BC fell into the "others receiving votes" category of the preseason Coaches' Poll. If there was full ranking it would mean we were 40th. I don't think any of you are surprised as this is pretty standard disrespect when it comes to polling. But don't read into this that other coaches don't think much of us. This poll is usually filled out be lower level staffers in the coaches name. So what this means is that a bunch of GAs don't think much of BC. Overall the ACC placed five teams in the top 25.

Mike McLaughlin continues to make a name for himself in Baltimore. Maybe this fullback/special teamer idea will work out.

The BC Draft crew took some time to look at non-starters who will make an impact this year.


BCDoubleEagle said...

ACC Coastal has 4 teams in the top 18; Atlantic just has FSU at #20.

mod34b said...

The coaches poll ranks UConn and Navy ahead of BC. Dumb

Big Jack Krack said...

Clemson and BC are both going to be good, and could well beat out FSU. Who knows, NC State could break out some. Not sure about Wake and Maryland this year yet.

We'll just have to earn it on the field. We need to open up the offense - last year was painful.

I don't like pre-season polls anyway.

eagleboston said...

Who cares about rankings in August? Heck remember when BC was #2 in October? Even that had no relevance. The only poll that matters is in January. All we should be focusing on is September 4th and Weber State. One game at a time.

Walter said...

Hey, when we were number 2 in October, we were undefeated and one of only two teams that were. We deserved that ranking, and I'll never forget that we had it.

I was fine with our standing in the Coaches Poll. At least we're in the other votes section, so we know the team is getting some notice. Rankings are like bullets, and I'd rather our team earn its ranking then be overrated and fall off.