Thursday, August 05, 2010

Freshman ready and other links

The Globe had a nice feature on our local freshmen. Many of these guys will redshirt, but let's hope they all develop and contribute. It would be nice if New England finally became a deep recruiting territory.

HD expects Kevin Pierre-Louis to make a big impact this year.

ACC Sports posted their Q&A with Anthony Castonzo.

BC target Chase Hounshell really enjoyed his visit to Florida.

People wonder why Dan Henning had trouble at the Heights...well this article on former DC Jim Reid gives some insight into how things worked.

Former Eagle Ron Brace's days in New England might numbered. Very strange that he's struggled to this extent and now can't pass a conditioning test.


Seamus Folan said...

Regarding the local recruiting, I am the only one who has never heard of Ted Davenport? He is not listed on Scout. I wonder if he is a walk on. Also I found it interesting that in an article on local recruiting, it doesn't mention Jaryd Rudolph from Kingston. Is he still on the team?

Erik said...

I am shocked by this news:

The NCAA accused West Virginia’s football program of five major and one secondary rules violations from 2005 to 2009, including under former coach Rich Rodriguez.

The alleged violations occurred during both under Rodriguez and current coach Bill Stewart, who the NCAA said both failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance. The NCAA made similar accusations against Rodriguez during a separate investigation at Michigan.

Eagle in Brighton said...

What is it this year with Florida recruiting the same OL/DL kids we are? Seems like they are involved with an abnormally high number of our targets (Chase, Trip, Stewart, etc.)

Matt said...

Yeah, I have noticed Florida really going after our recruits. Maybe it is because they see how well we do at the line with under recruited players and they want in on it. I just wish one of these guys would scrap their Florida offer and choose BC.