Monday, September 13, 2010

Blogpoll ballot Week 2

I didn't see much of the Penn State-Alabama game, but what I did see made me think the Tide are probably the best team in the county. Hence they kept my number one slot. Because of the lightning delay, I did see much of the Oregon-Tennessee game. Oregon looks very impressive and gets my number two slot. Everything else is a little bit of twisted logic and rational. I continue to sandbag BC because we didn't play great and because we haven't beaten anyone of note yet. But I do think our team can be very good. Also to explain a bit about what I watch and how much attention I pay. At this point with three kids under five, the 3:30 BC games are killers. I watch but my ability to focus or hear is blunted by the chaos that is going on around. So it is not until the second viewing that I am able to pick up on everything. As for the other games, most are on in the background and I watch while doing other things (work, exercise, etc.)

Games I watched

BC-Kent State 100% (twice)
Auburn-Mississippi State -- 50%
Notre Dame-Michigan 25%
West Virginia-Marshall -- 50%
Kansas-Georgia Tech -- 25%
Oregon-Tennessee -- 50%
Penn State-Alabama -- 10%
USC-UVA -- 50%
Duke-Wake Forest 20%

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

Eagle in Atlanta Ballot - Week 3

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama Crimson Tide --
2 Oregon Ducks --
3 Ohio St. Buckeyes Arrow_up 3
4 Oklahoma Sooners --
5 Texas Longhorns Arrow_up 11
6 TCU Horned Frogs Arrow_down -1
7 Arkansas Razorbacks Arrow_down -3
8 Nebraska Cornhuskers Arrow_down -5
9 South Carolina Gamecocks Arrow_up 1
10 Michigan Wolverines Arrow_up 5
11 LSU Tigers Arrow_down -4
12 California Golden Bears --
13 Utah Utes Arrow_down -5
14 Wisconsin Badgers Arrow_down -5
15 Boise St. Broncos Arrow_down -3
16 Auburn Tigers --
17 Florida Gators Arrow_up 1
18 Iowa Hawkeyes Arrow_down -1
19 Stanford Cardinal --
20 USC Trojans --
21 Missouri Tigers --
22 Clemson Tigers --
23 Boston College Eagles --
24 West Virginia Mountaineers Arrow_down -5
25 Maryland Terrapins Arrow_down -1
Dropouts: Georgia Bulldogs, Penn St. Nittany Lions, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Miami Hurricanes, Florida St. Seminoles, Virginia Tech Hokies

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EasyRider said...

I'm biased here as a from the cradle Nebraska fan, but what did they do this week to merit slipping 5 spots?

ATL_eagle said...

Nothing really EasyRider. I like Nebraska too. I didn't so much move them back as I moved others past them. Texas and OSU both moved up. Don't read too much into any of this. Polling -- especially mine -- is moronic.

Michael said...

At this point with three kids under five, the 3:30 BC games are killers. I watch but my ability to focus or hear is blunted by the chaos that is going on around.

Please get your priorities in order! LOL

ATL_eagle said...


I don't know if you have kids, but others can confirm. 12:00 games are okay because they are just finishing lunch and the two youngest still take naps after lunch. 7:00 are fine because they are fed and ready for bed. 3:30, everyone is up, they get dinner at 5 and they have plenty of energy to run around and make noise. Plus the youngest is a champion pooper and blewout his diaper all over the wife during the start of the second half on Saturday.

CT said...

Too bad the Rat isn't still around.

That place could churn out some champion poopers.

Ry said...

i mourn the passing of the rat daily. Unfortunately, it looks like the dustbowl is next to disappear once construction on the stokes building starts in a few weeks