Monday, September 13, 2010

Why is the Virginia Tech game kickoff time still not decided?

The Virginia Tech game is two weeks away and we still don't know the kickoff time. Complicating matters a little bit is that the game is also Parents Weekend, so you have thousands of people who want to plan their trip to Boston around the matchup. In an ideal world, ESPN and the ACC announce kickoff times two weeks prior to game day. However, the network reserves the right to use a shorter window when the outlook is a little more cloudy. This is where the under-performing ACC becomes an issue. If Virginia Tech had beaten James Madison last weekend, the BC-VT game probably would have been in prime time. Since VT lost, the game becomes less important and worthy of a noon slot on Raycom. But much to the ACC's chagrin, Georgia Tech and Florida State also fell on their faces this weekend. None of these ACC teams are likely to be ranked by September 25. No ranking makes them less desirable to the casual fan. It will all be decided by next Sunday morning, but this is my guess of how it will play out.

If Virginia Tech beats East Carolina...
BC vs VT will be a 3:30 regional game on ABC. They can dump it on a few ACC markets and get a decent rating. This is where I predict we will play.

If NC State wins Thursday and Georgia Tech wins Saturday...
GT vs NCSU will be in prime time. If one loses prior to the game they are probably still prime time. If both lose, they are probably going to the 3:30 slot and BC is back in prime time.

If Wake or Florida State lose...
they will probably be on Raycom at noon. Both have very tough games. Neither will be ranked and neither have any household names that might be casual TV draws.

So final prediction:
ESPN Prime Time: Georgia Tech vs NC State
ABC 3:30: BC vs Virginia Tech
Raycom: Wake Forest vs Florida State


chicagofire1871 said...

I can see why VTech's luster would be tainted by these two losses, but is BC's national allure really less than that of Georgia Tech or NC State?

DL said...

How much say would BC have in all of this? You'd think, given Parents' weekend, we'd actually not want a primetime game (think we'd lose some bodies via evening plans among students and their folks, as a recall, Saturday was a night with lots of dinners and going out in Boston with the parents for many a classmate).

Erik said...

It doesn't work this way, but if I had to choose a few games for late, I'd choose ND, Clemson, and Maryland before I chose this game. At least they have marks in their W's column.

I'm happy to let the parents do their North End dinners this weekend.

cwm2005 said...

ATL, can you give us a breakdown of the TV kick-off time decision rules? I.e.: by when does TV have to decide the times?

Every year I figure them out via this blog, and every year I have to re-learn them. I have season tickets and the delay in setting the VA tech kickoff is frustrating

I'm hoping that VA tech crushes Dominique Davis's hopes and dreams this weekend, and the BC storylines place us in prime time.

eagle1331 said...

I was really hoping to drive up from NJ for this game with the caveat being it has to be a night game due to a morning-long obligation. There is no way I make it to a game at 3:30 or earlier. Gene needs to start getting some more night games so the stadium is embarrassingly empty and less people likely to renew.

Steve Butler said...
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McDaid said...

Off topic, but question from a guy in London who missed the game (partying in Ibiza - give me a mulligan): what's the cause of the O-line struggles? Have we switched away from the zone-blocking scheme and is that causing problems?

Big Jack Krack said...

I view the VT game as a must win - how could we possibly lose to a team that lost to JMU? etc.

Can you imagine if VT ever came into Boston 0 and 3?

As it is it's almost a no-win situation in the sense that we'll get no credit for the win and big time criticism for the loss.

How would have thunk it, as they say.

CT said...

ATL seems to think it's a communication issue with the O Line.

Saturday looked a lot like games last yr vs. Va Tech and Clemson. Guys were just losing battles up front. I don't remember seeing many cutback lanes that Harris missed, either.

Maybe the Kent St. front line/LBs get a sniff with the NFL. Maybe it's just loading up on Harris until Home Shinskie plays every week.

ATL_eagle said...


Spaz confirmed my hunch that the guys are confused. He said in the second half they simplified things because of that. We weren't getting beat so much as flat out letting guys by.


The rule is that all game times are decided two weeks in advance by ESPN/ABC. However, they reserve the right to exercise a 6 day window when the desirability of the matchups on in flux. The game times will be decided by Sunday morning.

ABC/ESPN picks the first two games. Raycom picks third. Then ESPN/ABC regain the rights and can put the rest of the ACC games on any outlet they want (ABC, ESPN U, ESPN Classic,

mod34b said...

CT -- Kent State's MLB, Cobrani Mixon, is a Michigan transfer, a rivals 4* recruit, has 4.6 speed, and is a semi-high NFL prospect. Had 15 tackles. More than ACC-P-o-W Keuchley.

While BC's OL sucked, this provides some explanation of the problems they faced. Mixon caused all sorts of problems.

Big Jack Krack said...

I was at the Clemson game last year and it could have been the single worst performance by an Offensive Line I have ever witnessed in a BC team.

Let's hope these guys can straighten this out. Clemson defenders were waltzing into the backfield untouched all day.

To think this is happening again with the same players back, except for Tennant - doesn't make sense.

Is there a problem between Coach Sean Devine and OC Gary Nyquil Tranquil? This OLine is supposed to be super this year, and they are terrible so far.

What is the real scoop?