Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Donahue closes on a couple of Californians

Although we would love to have a team filled with Boston kids, BC coaches have to search far and wide for talent, and Steve Donahue has found some in California. He recieved commitments from two California prospects in Ryan Anderson and Lonnie Jackson. The two are on the same AAU team and visited BC together this past weekend.

Anderson is skinny power forward who is more shooter than a banger. He fits in with Donahue's "everyone can shoot from any space on the floor" philosophy.

Jackson is a good student who was also considering programs like Stanford and Arizona State. He's another shooter, but you hope he can also play a little point guard when needed.

We now have five recruits for the 2011 class and have a good mix of size and shooting. Of course there is still room for Alex Murphy, but the pressure on Donahue to get bodies is now eased a bit. What will be interesting is watching a BC team where everyone likes to shoot. I hope someone is willing to rebound a bit!


Erik said...

Good news. The cupboard isn't bare anymore and we'll be able to roll out five guys after next year.

I know its logistically difficult, but it would be nice if our basketball team could get more practices on Conte floor if we're going to become an outside shooting team. The change from the tight Power Gym to Conte Forum has to have some effect on shooting.

Big Jack Krack said...

Sorry, but we need to focus on the Hokies right now.

Are we tough enough? Are we mad enough? Can we stay focused and controlled? Will we open up the playbook, Coach Nyquil?

Rob said...

No need to save a spot for Murphy, he's in the 2012 class.

Great to see Donahue get some commits, but he still hasn't locked down a really big get yet. Seems like a really good start though.

2001 will be an interesting year, Jackson will be a senior, the transfers get in the game, but then the rest are all freshmen.

mod34b said...

Big Jack. I am with you.

Football, Football, Football. Who cares about hoops, esp. with VT coming to town.

VT embarrssed us last year, and our team this year is basically the same as last's years team. VT is a little weaker than last year, but could still thump us good if we don't play with passion and focus. Can Shinskie deal with a much faster and more aggressive defense compared with Weber and Kent?

You ask if we are tough? I think we got a tough defense, a tough RB, even a tough QB (I think?), and tough WR/TE's too, but not a tough OL. These guy's seem to care more about technique than smash-mouthed football.

Castonzo...geez, for an NFL prospect, he acts like a mouse. The OL has been a huge disappointment so far. But to give them a little credit, Kent State did have a pretty good run D.

Let's see if the real BC OL shows up on Saturday. I will be in attendance for Parent's Weekend. Go Eagles!!

eagle1331 said...

If anyone needs tickets, I have 3. Unfortunately a friend passed and I can no longer make it up. They are in the Northwest corner (home side of the field, near the yawkey complex), about halfway up. I could get you more details if interested. I think there's some way to send me a private message on this if you want, or else just write back in the comments with a way to get in touch with you. Not trying to rob anyone for them..

Big Jack Krack said...

You've got it, Mod - will the OLine set the tone? Can we go from an utter shellacking to a victory in one season?

Are we capable of playing VT style football - nasty - the style of football displayed by Clemson and Auburn?

Can we expect our exceptional students like Costanzo, Cleary, Richman and Spinney to be NASTY as well? Claiborne will be nasty coming off the bench - mad at whatever the reason was for the demotion.

We'll find out. Go BC - beat Virginia Tech.

Scott said...

Seriously dudes. This is one of the few threads about basketball and our new coach. Let it be about just basketball, and take the football chatter elsewhere. And while I agree that it's important for BC's football team to focus on Va Tech, the same rules obviously don't apply to fans who don't practice or play. I highly doubt we are disturbing the the football team's focus by celebrating some good news in basketball.

Erik said...

ICE Jam.
Good idea. Hopefully students get off their butts and show up.

mod34b said...

Earth to Scotty, Earth to Scotty: it is football season.

Ry said...

walked past donahue outside of walsh today. he was on the phone talking about one of the new guys...said something about him being 6'8'' and skinny but having potential to score when he puts some weight on his frame.

mod, it may be football season, but this is a hoops post. how's the little one doing? you ready for parents' weekend?

Dustbowl said...

Here is a little VT photo-shopped humor dissing Baldwin I like Baldwin with the German beer ladies best.

Dustbowl said...

hmmm did my link not work??

Try this http://www.thekeyplay.com/content/2010/september/20/punt-baldwin-black-hole#comments

Scott said...

Mod, It's football season AND basketball recruiting season. And the reverse will be true in January and February when we all focus on football recruiting. We can multi-task.

Big Jack Krack said...

OK - Let's talk basketball.

I think Donahue was a good hire, and I will give him several seasons to show some progress and some passion and pride on the floor.

I don't know if this player is any good, but I'd like us to land some local talent whenever possible and not lose them to Notre Dame - with all due respect to west coast players. I know if you miss on a prospect, you have to get another somewhere else, etc.

6'5" wing Patrick Connaughton from Danvers, Mass made his pledge official becoming the newest member of the Notre Dame men's basketball family.

Connaughton had been a relative unknown within recruiting circles until an impressive summer put him high on many team's wish list. He finally decided on Notre Dame over offers from Boston College and UCLA. Connaughton enters his senior season at St. John's Prep in Massachusettes as one of the top players in his class. Scout.com ranks him as a four star prospect and as the 75th best player overall. As a junor last year, he averaged 24 points and 18 rebounds in helping lead his team to a 21-3 record.

Basketball will not be Connaughton's only sport, though, as he is also a standout pitcher for his high school and will plan on playing both sports at Notre Dame