Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hoops, movies, Meter and other links

With the basketball season just a few weeks away, I am starting the hoops coverage over at Eagle Insider. Considering it is a transition year, I don't expect us to make the tournament. Neither does this blogger.

Here is BC's video of the Kent State game day experience.

If you are on Facebook, you should certainly fan the BC page and check out the hockey team's visit to Washington while you are there.

There are some agent rumors surrounding basketball transfer Matt Humphrey. I am not concerned about any of it. Clearly we didn't get the Matt or his friends as part of a package.

Jon Meterparel has been prepping for his current job for a long time.

It is nice to see Alex Albright finally healthy.

BC guy Jay Sartori is now Assistant General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. Congrats to him.

Ben Aflleck's new movie was based on a novel written by a BC grad Chuck Hogan.


Erik said...

It's hard to judge our 2011 basketball defense based on Donohue's experience at Cornell. Right here in town the Celtics are a great example of how an assistant coach can be the influence to good defense.

BC's previous few seasons with these guys are a better indicator.... which means we could be in trouble, especially since Rakim was one of our better defenders (when he wanted to be).

Darius said...

On the flip side, that blogger did seem to discount the significance of the coaching change, with his attitude that "another year of age and experience can only take you so far." A big knock on Skinner throughout his tenure was his in-game coaching/management. The last couple of years, questions were raised as to whether he was getting the most out of his players. Guys like Southern and Raji (and Sanders)--even Paris-- were more highly respected recruits than his earlier diamond-in-the-rough guys. We beat out good programs for them. Isn't it possible they've been underperforming under Skinner and staff, and Donohue can make them better and get them playing together better?