Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More credit to The Heights and to Shinskie

Commentor mod34b pointed this out and I felt it was worth mentioning to a wider audience. Based on how it looked, I assumed Shinskie's TD to Swigert was a little lucky. It was behind Swigert and in between three Kent State defenders. Swigert made a great adjustment for his first touchdown. As it turns out it wasn't luck. From the Heights:
“They were playing man to man, and the defender wasn’t really looking, and I saw Bobby put his hand up,” Shinskie said. “I underthrew it because the guy had his back turned, and Bobby made an easy comeback to the ball.

“It was a great catch by Bobby, his first touchdown, I feel good for him.”

Hats off to the Heights writer Gregg Joyce for getting the quote and explanation. And hats off to Shinskie and Swigert for making the sorts of adjustments you wouldn't expect from two relatively inexperienced guys.

Now being a blogger who is watching on tv thousands of miles away, my opinions are often wrong since I don't have the benefit of asking the players and coaches what happened. I am glad the Heights included these quotes. They are the type of wonky stuff I love that the Boston papers seem to overlook or ignore.


Scott said...

No doubt, the underthrow is highly effective when the DB is chasing, and completely blind to the ball. However, that's a veteran move that should only be tried when the QB/WR have chemistry (the WR needs to sell that the pass is on target), and the QB knows that other routes won't draw a safety over to catch a wounded duck. Did Shinskie really recognize all this in the course of his normal reads? Or was he in tunnel vision mode, looking for a way to force it to the primary receiver? Anyone know if the secondary receiver was more open?

mod34b said...

Thanks ATL! U made my day!

Eagle in Brighton said...

ATL: Just a general comment: content the past couple weeks as been outstanding. This blog is a daily stop for me, but kudos for stepping your game up as of late.

AlbanyEagle said...


I rarely post, but check this blog out of habit at least a few times a day throughout the year. Even more during football season. I am sure I am not alone.
Please keep up the great work.