Monday, September 20, 2010

Rettig: redshirt or ready?

In his the notes section of his latest column, Conroy mentioned the true freshmen who may still see playing time this year:
Spaziani spent the week getting longer looks at some true freshmen that will see some action.

Spaziani didn’t mention any numbers, but linebacker Steele DeVitto has been on the bubble. The staff also wanted to give a long look to wide receivers Shakim Phillips and Alex Amidon, both of whom missed most of training camp with hamstring injuries.

“Because of our situation, depth-wise and where we are in the program, we’re going to have to play some of these guys on special teams and put them in backup roles,” said Spaziani. “We know we’re going to need them down the road and we don’t have the luxury of (redshirting).” . . .

Not mentioned is true freshman quarterback Chase Rettig. Surprisingly the idea of whether they should redshirt Rettig is still being kicked around the Yawkey offices. But the staff knows they are reaching the point of no return. Using him with say only six games left is a waste. You either use him now and let him take his lumps or groom him as planned and let him play next year.

This decision would be much easier if Shinskie showed a bit more consistency. Rettig's continued improvement also muddles the situation.

Virginia Tech will be the test. Shinskie got better against Kent State, but we still don't know if he can be that good every game. If he can hold up against the Hokies and execute the offense, Rettig will redshirt. If the offense sputters again, this debate will go into overdrive next week.


Big Jack Krack said...

Big decision on Rettig and Virginia Tech is going to be tough - especially because of their two early losses. The loss to JMU was because of a short week, and they were probably still flat after the loss to Boise St.

Well last year they really did score at will and blow us off the field - final score 48-14. Do we think the coaching staff has our players ready this year? Are we as good as VT individually? Will we be out-coached? Can we make up that much ground in one season?

It was 24-0 after just over 18 minutes and the Hokies didn't let up. BC's initial first down came in the third quarter. The first pass that Shinskie threw was intercepted by the VT cornerback who returned in 22 yards for a TD that made it 31-0. They are very capable of picking Shinskie off again in this week's game.

Attention fellow bloggers - VT and their fans were laughing at us last year - LAUGHING AT US!

Are we ready to rumble. This game is going to require a great game plan, great discipline and confidence - and a great deal of meanness - we'll have to punch them in the mouth early and often. Are our guys up for it? Can they look across the line and think "screw you, buddy - I'm going to blast you all day long"?

See you there!

mod34b said...

I too wonder about our team's toughness, particularly the offensive line. Is Castonzo a tough guy or just a wussy who talks the talk but does not walk the walk. I've never seen him show passion. Clairborne is the only OL who seems to be happiest knocking the crap out of the defense and guiding Montel to glory

Are our offensive lineman the same as that character on the Sopranos - Big P?