Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogpoll ballot Week 3

I have only undefeated teams ranked this week. This not some sort of grand design or strict adherence to resume ranking. It is more a result of looking at all that teams that have lost so far and not thinking much of any of them. In fact I think the best team with a loss might be Georgia -- which has two losses. But both losses were to quality opponents. I moved BC up a bit just based on the teams that moved around us. The only team I feel slightly guilty about is NC State. I actually think they've looked good. It is just that my TOB bias is making me doubt how long they will sustain this momentum.

Games I watched

NC State-Cincinnati 50%
Georgia Tech-North Carolina 50%
Georia-Arkansas 10%
Michigan State-Notre Dame 50%
Clemson-Auburn 50%
Temple-UConn 10%
Cal-Nevada 20%
Stanford-Wake Forest 50%

1 comment:

EasyRider said...

I really appreciate that you don't have a stagnant poll every week. I said something last week about your slotting of the huskers and after a great showing this week, it showed here. I wish the media guys put as much emphasis on actual performance