Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still no love in the polls and other links

I didn't think we would be ranked after a bye week, but I am surprised BC is not gaining more traction in the polls. We are still in the bottom half of the other team's receiving votes list.

With Mike Dantonio suffering a heart attack Saturday nightl, former BC assistant Don Treadwell is now acting head coach of Michigan State. Treadwell is just the latest assistant from TOB's first year to become a head coach. Treadwell also interviewed with Gene after Jags was fired.

Here's Kevin Armstrong's excellent piece on Kiwi.


ToTheHeights said...

Kevin Armstrong usually does a good job, but:

"First, Virginia lineman Brad Butler chop-blocked Kiwanuka from behind. Kiwanuka, enraged, fought back, and was ejected from the game, although it was Trueblood who sought vengeance."

Completely untrue. Alvin Washington was ejected for fighting back. Kiwi was slamming his fist to the ground in pain....

Kevin Schohl said...

Not completely untrue. Yes, Washington went crazy, sticking up for Kiwi while he writhed on the ground... but Kiwi did get enraged and was ejected later in the game. In a BC story in 2005, you'd mention the Al Washington part. In a quick anecdote in a Kiwanuka story like this, it makes complete sense to simplify the story.