Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Season Prediction Part I: worst case scenario

Time again for me to go game by game with how things might play out. This version is the worst case scenario. I am highly optimistic and will have a strong showing in my final predictions, but still want to map out how things could go wrong.

Weber State. Win. Hurricane weather soaks the opener. BC wins, but it is a messy, boring day.

Kent State. Win. BC wins despite shoddy play from Shinskie. Marscovetra comes in and looks as bad.

Virginia Tech. Loss. Although the defense plays better, the offense is incapable of moving the ball against the Hokies.

Notre Dame. Loss. Notre Dame's defense is not very good, but their O has a great day against our Defense. BC loses a shootout as the Irish pull away in the second half.

At NC State. Win. Even in our worst season, I don't see us losing to NC State. This is Spaz's Super Bowl and is very important to Gene. We hold on in a tight game.

At Florida State. Loss. The tough road test goes as expected -- FSU romp.

Maryland. Loss. Maryland has played us tough the past two years. This season I expect a "win won for the Fridge" mentality that leads them to a close win over BC in Chestnut Hill.

Clemson. Loss. At this point we have a full blown QB controversy. Rettig gets his first start. It is not pretty but shows promise. BC still loses.

At Wake Forest. Win. BC halts its slide while beating up on the rebuilding Wake Forest team.

At Duke.
Loss. Duke is not very good but is able to move the ball, while our offense spins its wheels again.

Virginia. Win. Virginia is a bad team in transition. BC holds off and keeps bowl hopes alive.

At Syracuse. Win. A good effort as things finally click for Rettig. BC "earns" a bowl bid.

The 6-6 regular season is enough to get BC into the EagleBank Bowl. Our beltway fans are happy and turn out in decent numbers for our game against Marshall. BC loses a bowl for the third straight year and finishes with an awkward and disappointing 6-7 record.


Adam said...

Let me get this exchange out of the way since it seems to happen every year:

Commenter 1: ATL, how could you pick BC to do so poorly????

Commenter 2: Hey Commenter 1, this is ATL's 'worst case scenario' - he'll post his 'best case' and his 'expected' results over the next couple days.

blist said...

I feel like I just watched "The Day After"

Erik said...

Man, imagine losing to Duke. Let's hope that doesn't happen until 2033.

Galvin said...

ATL, how could you???? haha, good stuff Adam

mod34b said...

Even in a worst case scenario we can't lose to Duke. Never! Right??? I'd rather lose to Kent state or, god forbid, lose to Weeeeeeeeber State. Nyet to Dooooooookies

Big Jack Krack said...

Worst case scenarios are tough to think about.

In 1998 (TOB's 2nd year) we started 3 and 0 and then 1 and 7 to finish 4 and 7, including the goal line stand by ND as the clock was winding down!!!! That was a worst case scenario playing out for sure.

We don't ever want to go back there.

I will take this as "for discussion purposes only". However, the difference between 9 or 10 wins and 6 or 7 wins is not all that much. We won't take anything for granted, and will give our best effort in every game!!!!!

Go BC - Ever to Excel

Let's climb that mountain.

mod10aeagle said...

Reading that followed by watching that video is a near-lethal combo.

Darius said...

mod10a, I agree. You get the feeling that Will Thompson read the post right before they put the camera on him at the 1:19 mark. It reminded me of the newscasters on "Airplane!"

Big Jack Krack said...

weather issues for Saturday gametime?

If the rain has stopped, it will still be quite windy, I guess.

rumple said...

Funny bit about UNC debacle

mmason said...

The Worst Case Scenario is missing a couple of things: we have to be sued by UConn in there somewhere, Sara Palin and Karl Rove are missing--why?
(Whenever something as nuts as this happens they have to be involved...)
And...ESPN Gameday's people have to show up in here too, telling the world that BC sucks and FSU and ND are still the premiere college football programs of all time. And then the Ghost of Frank Leahy appears and annoints the New ND Era at BC during halftime by hitting Kelly with a shaving cream pie during an interview and lightning strikes the BC Eagle statue on campus...