Thursday, September 02, 2010

Season Prediction Part II: best case scenario

This is the second part of the season predictions. I don't think the following will happen, but it could. This team and this friendly schedule have huge potential. Let's hope it plays out as follows.

Weber State. Win. A nice cupcake to start the season. Herzy's back. The offense looks great. No one gets hurt. Things start off well.

Kent State. Win. The defense starts to show its potential and pitches a shutout.

Virginia Tech. Win. A challenging game in prime time. Lots of big special teams plays on both sides. Lots of solid running from both sides. BC gets the edge with a better passing game and get their first big win of the year. They crack the polls the following Monday.

Notre Dame. Win. BC's defense forces a lot of turnovers and starts a new streak against the Irish.

At NC State. Win. It won't be the same level beatdown as the 2009 BC-NC State game, but the game is not close. NC State cannot stop BC's run game and BC puts the final nail in TOB's NC State coffin.

At Florida State. Loss. For the first time all season Shinskie looks bad. FSU's new zones frustrate him and he turns the ball over multiple times.

Maryland. Win. BC runs the ball over and over and eventually runs away with the game.

Clemson. Win. BC and Clemson play another close game, but Herzy comes through with a big INT and the Heisman whispers start again.

At Wake Forest. Win. I respect Jim Grobe but don't think he will have the pieces this year. BC gets up big early and let's the game get a little closer than it should in the second half. But they win in the end. With the win, BC enters the Top 10.

At Duke. Win. BC's defense dominates again. The offense puts up enough points to control with ease.

Virginia. Win. Virginia will get better under London, but 2010 is not their year. BC wins with ease.

At Syracuse. Win. A rivalry renewed with an easy BC win.

If BC goes 7-1 in the ACC, they would be in the ACC Championship Game and an outside name for the BCS National Championship. In this best case scenario I predict we play Virginia Tech and get revenge for the last two games ACCCGs! BC then moves onto the Orange Bowl to play Texas. The team wins that game too and finishes 13-1 and in the Top 5 in the final polls. Spaz gets a ton of "coach of the year" awards and Mark Herzlich wins the Heisman.


Unknown said...

you have them losing to Florida St and Clemson but finishing the season at 13-1?

Dan Popko said...

based on the comments on each game i think the Clemson game was supposed to be a win...

Walter said...

Yeah, I noticed that, too, that blip of pessimism was not in keeping with our otherwise (completely accurate!!) depiction of our season.

I would obviously love to see us go this route, but when I really think about it I wonder if I would be happy with "just" the orange bowl if we were to have this year.

You know what I mean? I couldn't help but think that if we hadn't lost that one game we would have been in the national championship.

...but I may be getting ahead of myself.

lbkjj said...

Was this a trick math test to see if BC Alums are still sharp and observant?
I'll take 10 and 2 this year.de1

Erik said...

Walter, I'd be happy with Orange Bowl. It's a big step up for us. True we may feel slighted if we're killing teams and someone limps into the BCS Title game, but there's nothing wrong with the Orange Bowl.

ATL_eagle said...

Thanks for the catch. Another casualty of late night blogging. It is fixed.

BCMike said...

<-- ready to run out of the tunnel myself

Ed said...

Best case scenario is a perfect regular season -- 12-0. You can make an argument that BC can win each and every game. Therefore, that's the best case scenario. Likely? No, but that's not the point of a best case scenario. From this post, I'm taking away that you think we have no chance at all of beating FSU, and I just can't agree with that.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Wear you maroon and gold on FRIDAY

A33Jim said...

Ed, obviously a real best case scenario and ideal season is one in which Uncle Dave never throws an int, our rookie receivers never drop a pass, and Herz returns with injury-induced super powers.

In that season, we go undefeated and win the national title.

What's presented here is a more reasonable outlook.

Dan said...

I'm confused by the 14 points Steele and HD are calling for from Weber. I know they have a solid QB and we have some defensive kinks to work out but given how stout Spaz defenses are in the redzone I see them scoring, just not two TDs. Maybe 1 off a blown assignment and then a field goal or two.

Dan said...

Also, I really like this year as a chance to finish this recruiting cycle strong and make a splash in 2012 for a bunch of reasons.

1. Soft schedule could yield a nice record.
2. Herzlich, the LBs in general and Castanzo should get some good national coverage.
3. And home games against VT and ND (especially if we beat VT this ND game will be an all out zoo) make great atmospheres for visits.

2 days... Go Eagles!!!

Dan said...

Baldwin is on on the front of the ESPN college page.

Erik said...

Reactions to the BC basketball schedule:

- Good to see Holy Cross on there (we all knew it was coming, but still)

- UMass game is in "Boston, Mass" not Chestnut Hill. Are we back at the Garden for the Comm Classic. Old school style? My opinion is Gene shouldn't schedule games on the first Saturday in December, because it goes up against ACCCG in football. No reason games that weekend can't take place on Sunday.

- Love the Providence game, as always.

- No Duke home game for the Athletic Department to hold our fanbase hostage.

- Overall the non-conference schedule has some reasonable teams on the there. Fairly local which is nice.

rumple said...

Erik. Need I remind you of your weenie-ness again and that folks are excited for FOOTBALL. No one gives a bleep about hoops now