Friday, September 03, 2010

Season prediction Part III: what will happen

Forget the best and worst. These are my actual predictions for 2010. Last year I successfully predicted a 8-5 season, but didn't come close on our ACC record or how the bowl would play out. This year I think I have a better feel for our team's capabilities and our opponents. As I've been hammering home the past few weeks, I think this will be a special season. Here is how it will play out.

Weber State. Win. Not only do we win, but we get so far ahead that we get to play walk-ons.

Kent State. Win. Another dominant performance which includes the WRs looking much better than we could have anticipated.

Virginia Tech. Loss. A tough loss as the Hokies are determined to stop our running game and we cannot contain Taylor on defense.

Notre Dame
. Win. I like Brian Kelly and think the Irish will be good this year. We will just be better. (Their defense will be their Achilles all year.)

At NC State. Win. We've had some weird games in Raleigh. I still have nightmares about the Hail Mary in 2006 and in 2008 Chris Crane put together the game of his life. I don't predict any strange occurrences this year...just a BC win.

At Florida State. Loss. Florida State played spoiler in 2005 and 2007. I think they add another blemish to an otherwise great year.

Maryland. Win. Even though we have controlled the series, I am always a little fearful of Maryland. Most of the games have been close and despite the slide to the basement of the ACC, I still respect Fridge. This season is more of the same as BC wins a close one.

Clemson. Win. Spaz makes up for one of the most embarrassing games of his first season with a decisive win here.

At Wake Forest. Win. I think Wake will have a down year which makes this a real trap game. But we hold on for the win.

At Duke. Win. Duke is headed in the right direction but we still control the game for the win.

Virginia. Win. This victory clinches the division and another chance at the ACC Championship game.

At Syracuse. Win. We rest many of our key players yet still win.

This scenario has us at 10-2 and 6-2 in conference. Like my "best case" predictions, I still have us winning the division and facing Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship game. I think we beat the Hokies to go to the Orange Bowl. Like my "best case" I will say we play Texas but lose finishing a very respectable 11-3 and just outside the Top 10.


EasyRider said...

It's bold but I love it.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Loving the optimism.

JohnQPublicSchool said...

Ditto to both.

Will be stuck in a cabin in Maine, waiting out the remnants of Earl tomorrow. So, I'll be checking the message boards on my droid to keep me updated!

Keep up the good work!

Dan said...

Although I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the unraveling of UNC & Butch Davis, I can't help but think this is not good for us.

UNC is due to play both Clemson and FSU this year and hopefully put a conference loss on one or both of them which, as fellow Atlantic teams, would have been beneficial to us.

1 day... Go Eagles!!

Walter said...

Okay, so granted I always start the season essentially in mega-best case mode, but if we had this season, I would be so aggravated, even though it would be objectively good.

Losing the Orange Bowl would be devastating. I've always maintained hope that if our team ever made it to a BCS bowl or the National Championship that we just couldn't lose because for us to get there the team would have to be exceptional and tested.

I hope you're right except for the last bit!

downtown_resident said...

ATL, I'm with you on the 10-2 season. We are better than last year at almost every position (WR being the lone exception) and the schedule is tailor-made for it, with the toughest games all at home.

Erik said...


AlertBoston Notification Update

Please be advised that the National Weather Service has lifted its previously issued Tropical Storm Warning for the City of Boston. The City will continue to closely monitor weather conditions, and provide updates should additional warnings be issued.

Erik said...

We just gotta beat FSU & CU head to head, then they have to be that much better than us every other week to be above us in standings

eagleboston said...

I agree with everything except the Clemson game. They mutilated BC last year and while I think we are much better than last year, I don't know that we can make up that much ground.

Also, I have chalked up the ND game at home as a win, but I am very concerned about that contest. Coach Kelly is the real deal and you will see dramatic improvement in their team this season. Is it enough to make up for the loss of the great skill position players? I don't think so and I feel we win that game.

Thus, I have us at 9-3 and I hope the 3 losses don't knock us out of Atlantic contention.

Dan said...

ND game also makes me nervous. We'll either be coming off a huge win or a rough loss with VT so it has the makings of a let down game.

I'm Spaz or McGovern I am sitting Dillon Quinn down and telling him ND is his coming out game and he has to man up and provide a spark for the team that week.

mmason said...

Man, I love BC football! Love this scenario,too. We start with a hurricane and win like a tornado.
The Perfect Storm. Go BC Eagles!

eagleinexile said...

Let me preface the following comment by stating what a rabid BC supporter I am. No matter where I have lived, I put out a BC Flag in Gameday (this includes FL,WA and CA).

I think the one thing this prediction lacks is annual BC bone-headed loss. I predict this will come at one of the following: ND, NC St or Clemson. Then, we're 9-3, which is still very good.

Even the Matt Ryan teams were not immune to this. Sorry for this tid bit of pessimism.

Big Jack Krack said...

eagleboston - Clemson mauled BC last year defensively. Ofrfensively they scored a TD on a Spiller run back (usual against BC) and 5 field goals.

Our young defense actually played pretty well, with two early interceptions.