Friday, November 19, 2010

Saint's alive and other links

I've said it before but let me say again, that if this blog had been around when Brian St. Pierre played, I probably would have vilified him for his senior season. I also never would have predicted that his NFL career would last this long. Now look, he is making his first career start this weekend for the Panthers. I wish him the best of luck except for when he plays the Falcons.

The men's soccer team lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament to Brown.

In HD's factoid column she notes that BC has more graduates on our roster than any other school (just ignore how this undermines the whole "young" narrative that people have been using for our losing).

The BC women's soccer team hosts West Virginia tonight in their NCAA tourney.


VinnyBostonCollegeEagle said...

Come out and support your seniors tomorrow!

Joseph said...

She probably got her info from the BCsports site.

BCDoubleEagle said...

The fact that we have 14 grads on the roster does not mean we are not a young team. Two of our grads (Albright and Davis) are done for the year. A third (Lapham) has also been injured. Another (Clairborne) has been suspended. Meanwhile, four of our grads (Ferguson, Flutie, Lindsey, and McMichael) are not even on the depth chart, and two more (Boek and Morrissey) are listed as backups. That leaves just four grads on the field (Fox, Herzlich, McCluskey, Scafe) in recent weeks. Herzlich is still trying to regain pre-cancer form, and Fox may have a degree but he's seeing significant playing time for the first time ever.

Who cares how many grads happen to be on the roster; the real question is how many are on the field, and have been on the field consistently?

paul said...

BCDouble -- I think you might want to ease off the gas pedal a tad.