Friday, November 19, 2010

Yes, we lost to Yale

So let me first preference this by saying that I did not see the game and won't get my first look at Steve Donahue's team Thursday. But that doesn't mean we can examine what happened in the loss to Yale and what it means for the season and for Donahue at BC.

New Coach, Same Problems

We weren't good on defense under Skinner. Donahue was hardly known as a defensive coach. We installed a system (the 1-3-1) and then switched to man-to-man. Neither really slowed Yale. The other issue is that the players admitted to coming out flat. Does that sound familiar. In the past we always blamed that sort of attitude on Skinner. Maybe the issues was more player based.

Square peg, round hole on offense

Steve Donahue's offense requires fluid ball movement and good shooting. We have no real shooters. Our best offensive players (Trapani and Jackson) are scorers but not spot up shooters. We were 3-19 from the 3-point line. That will doom us against anyone.

How do we adjust

The silver lining is that this is an early wake up call for Donahue and the team. He is going to have to tweak his schemes a bit for the players he has and they are going to have to realize they are still not that great and they need to come out prepared for every game.

I am actually not worried about the season. Donahue said the right things and seems disappointed. Transitions are never easy. I expect you will see a better performance against Holy Cross next week.

Donahue long term

It is too early to predict what this means for The Don long term. Although I think things will be different as he gets his own recruits in the system, he doesn't have the time to wait for them. He needs to teach these guys to win and he needs to figure out a way for Jackson and Elmore to score in his scheme.


VinnyBostonCollegeEagle said...

Come out and support your seniors tomorrow!

mod10aeagle said...

I disagree with ATL's core premise that Donahue needs to adjust to suit the talent he has. I'd rather see him commit to establishing his style and system, even at the expense of a couple of years of losing seasons, if that's what it takes. In the meantime, he can show recruits what he's trying to build (rather than have to explain what he hopes to do in the future). Imagine this: "You can see how we're attacking with a fast pace, working for open shots, especially threes, and taking them with confidence. Sure, we're not getting the results yet, but we will with that sweet jumper of yours." I think that's the way to attract the talent he needs for it to be successful three or four years from now.

Sure, it may be ugly this year and next, but given three years, we could have something exciting and special. I think a more gradual approach that accommodates the current skill set pushes that "better day" out at least another two years, maybe more.

Erik said...

Not to relive it all, but the whole Brady Heslip thing was weird. It sounds like the kid was a pure 3-pt shooter. It sounds like what we'll need in this system is guys who will knock down the open 3.

So whether it was Don that didn't want Brady, or Brady that didn't want the new staff, didn't it seem logical that the system and the player were a good match?

(Then again, I was convinced all last year that Rakim didn't like Skinner's style so the firing of Al would be a good thing for Rakim.)

Erik said...

And BTW - this isn't me wishing either was on this team, this is just analyzing a confusing situation.

eagle1331 said...

I'm a die-hard BC fan as anyone that reads my comments on here knows, but I can't believe people are getting on Donahue this soon. Everyone should know this will be a rough year - we don't have pure perimeter shooters, we don't have much depth, it's a completely different system, it's a transition of leagues for him, we have no young blood - if you thought we were going to come out and be better than last year, I would love to get what you're smoking. Additionally, we lost to Harvard how many times in the last few years?

OUR PLAYERS don't get themselves prepared properly mentally for these games. There is no doubt in my mind Donahue knew what he was getting into with Yale - he's played them a couple times before.

This year is going to be a huge transition. Don't get on his back during a transition period, the team and coaches deserves better than that.

His system is so radically different he needs his own players, and it looks like he did a good job getting that with 5 recruits.

mod10aeagle said...

eagle1331: when you say "people" are getting down on Donahue, who do you mean? ATL's post is the first thing I've read that sounds even remotely negative, and even he says he's not worried, transitions are hard, likes what he hears from D'hue and expects a better performance next week. So who's complaining?

Greg said...

Preemptively complaining about complainers...excellent.