Thursday, November 18, 2010

BC-Virginia Preview

If last week was a plead to keep watching because boring football is better than no football, then this week is about meeting watered-down expectations. Every year I predict a best and worst case scenario. We've never even come close to the worst case until this season. Even I didn't anticipate a five-game slide. But here were are with a chance to clinch a bowl and assure a .500 regular season record. Let's keep winning and maybe exceed the worst case! (It's the little things that make the difference.)

Overlooked storyline for the game:
This is Virginia's first visit to Alumni since Brad Butler's cheep shot on Kiwi. I know it is ancient history in internet years and probably means nothing to the current players and coaches. But the way he acted and the way Virginia was slow to discipline Butler still surprises and disappoints me.

Three Simple Keys
1. Throw more than 25 passes.
All season I've harped that we don't have the offense or coaching to get into shootouts. This is a team we can do that with. BC shouldn't play low scoring and ball control. It will only set Virginia up to steal the game.
2. Put pressure on Verica.
I fear BC will do a lot of what we did last week and drop eight into coverage and blitz very little. I don't think that is the away to go against the 'Hoos. We need to bring pressure and force Verica into bad throws.3. Clock management. It has been my issue all week and if you think back to last year's Virginia game, BC had some questionable timeouts then too. This week I think we need to be careful and strategic with the clock (if only to prove that we can be).

Gambling Notes

-- BC leads the series 4-0
-- BC has been favored in three of the four ACC home games
-- Virginia has lost four-straight ACC road games.
The current line is BC-6


Mike London isn't the only former BC staffer coaching at UVA. Their DC Jim Reid was our DC during Henning's first season.

Scoreboard Watching

There isn't a whole lot we need to focus on outside of our game. If you are concerned or curious about bowl positioning watch Clemson-Wake and Duke-GT.

I hope to see...

Montel have some big plays. Last week was probably tough and frustrating for him. Hopefully he starts strong and puts that game behind him.

BC is in trouble if...

Rettig is bad (think of how the Miami QBs looked against Virginia). Chase has yet to have a terrible four turnover type meltdown. I don't expect one, but you never know with a freshman.

Bottom Line

I think Virginia and Duke are very similar. Like Duke I think Virginia could give us a game. But we will probably look much better this week. It is the last home game and we have something to play for. I think BC controls from the outset and never looks back.
Final Score: BC 31, Virginia 10


Patrick said...

If we are ahead by 5 points halfway through the fourth quarter I hope that we kneel down on every offensive possession, and rush 3 defenders on every defensive possession. I hope we blow our timeouts (and/or decide not to use them), and manage the game such that UVa has four plays from the 8 yard line at the end of the game to see if they can score a touchdown and win the game. Then we be sure that, at the very least, we had a chance to win.

And if we do win, we'll know that last Saturday's strategy was more than luck! Or something.

eagleboston said...

A couple notes: First, thanks current BC students for embarrassing the entire university and alumni community with your insane defense of Four Loco on NPR.

Second, 3 former BC players will be starting at QB in the NFL this weekend. That is impressive and the BC Sports Information Dept should be working overtime to prop the pro-style offense that gives qb recruits a great shot to make it to the NFL (obviously, we need someone better coordinating it...but kudos that BC has not succumbed to the Spread despite 2 recent coaching changes).

Erik said...

This is the 3rd straight opponent that I haven't watched a 2010 minute of prior to the game against us.

I hate Brad Butler. What a Grade A douche. Even the Down In Front crowd woke up when that happened.

Ryan said...

What was this defense of Fourloco?

If they were claiming we live in a nanny state, they're right.

Emil said...

eagleboston: haha! what happened? what self-righteous partying college student WOULDNT defend 4loko?

Bravesbill said...

Why would you not defend Four Loco from the overreaching arms of the nanny state government? How is their product any more dangerous than cigarettes? What's next? Is the government going to ban rum & cokes and Red Bull & vodkas? What about Irish coffee? Sounds like they didn't embarass themselves at all.

A33Jim said...

An Honest Four Loko Commercial courtesy of collegehumor

Eddierock said...

eagleboston is right on the money regarding NPR piece on Four Loco. I almost drove off the road yesterday when I heard it. Reflected incredibly poorly on the school. That said, blame is on BC administration. NPR only had a story because some BC officials participated on-the-record. Where was BC's public relation's team? When NPR came knocking wanting to do a story on Four Loco, BC should have said: "No thanks, keep heading down Comm Ave"...

A33Jim said...

Here's the NPR story.

I wouldn't say it reflects badly on the entire school, just on the dumb kid at the end.

"Mr. MATTHEW LOCK (Students, Boston College): I don't understand why every time kids get into something parents feel the need to screw it up."

eagleboston said...

Anyway, I did not mean to spark a "nanny state" debate. Some just want to make every single issue a partisan, divisive political debate. I was just pointing out that BC was not presented in a good light.

More importantly, 3 BC guys are starting at qb in the NFL on Sunday!!

blist said...

This might be the Four Loco talking, but did I read correctly that St. Pierre, who is starting Saturday, has 5 career NFL passes?

Bravesbill said...

Ya that quote was pretty dumb. On another note, it looks like the basketball season will be real looooooong as well. How the hell do you lose to Yale?

Danny Boy said...

Bravesbill, Yale was something close to 60% from behind the arc for 12 3's. That will help anyone win a game (BC shot 15% from behind the arc).

I'm not sure if Yale was lights out or if BC refused to play perimeter D.

Either way, I blame BC's recent lackluster play on Under Armor.

Bob B. said...

I am currently a BC student and trust me when i say this...this weekend Four Loko will have a proper sendoff and a thorough farewell with the BC student population..Everyone, and i mean everyone, has 2 Four Lokos lined up already.......for Friday, and 2 more for Saturday

mmason said...

Irish Coffees = Caffeine + Whiskey...Close down the Buena Vista in S.F. for inventing this Dangerous Elixir. Good God, what is happening to America? Losing to Yale in hoops by 10 and playing football in reverse gear against Duke (we almost blew their losing streak) -- now that reflects badly on BC. Go Eagles! Beat the Cavs and give current BC students a friggin' break. Four Loco may not be good, but it may make a 5-5 season seem better than it really is..."or what's a heaven for?"

Ry said...

it wasn't the d. most shots were contested...yale was just keyed in from behind the arc and we were the opposite. we made a run at the end, but it wasn't enough. only reggie came to play tonight and that is not enough to win.

also, rubin didn't play for some reason and he is probably our best 3 pt shooter

blist said...

Great clip A33 Jim.
Man, the idea of drinking a caffeinated alcoholic drink is the last thing I want to do this weekend. Give me my kids napping, an oilcan of Fosters, my couch and the lulling repetition of "Harris up the middle and gains about two"

Darius said...

If I weren't pretty sure the exact same thing was going on at every other college campus in America, I'd agree it reflected poorly on Boston College. As it is, I think people hearing the piece are more likely to have the reaction "geez, college kids are so reckless" than to say "hey, what's going on up there in Boston? Those Boston College kids are really out of control."

Erik said...

BC Sports Information is throwing in the towel. They show us playing "Duke" tomorrow despite the Nov 20 date:

Opponent: at Duke
Kick Off Time: Sat., Nov. 20, 12:00 p.m.
Radio: WEEI 850 AM
Location: Chestnut Hill, Mass.
Stadium: Alumni Stadium

cwm2005 said...

That Brad Butler-Kiwi play made me leap off my couch, shout at least three f-bombs in a ten second span and pace around in an absolute rage the rest of the game.

Just hearing "Brad Butler" still fires me up. The play was literally criminal and just sickening and UVA should have suspended him for the season- not a game with a mild reprimand or whatever it was

mod34b said...

To Every Guy on the BC FOOTBALL Team watch what UVA and Brad Butler did last time they where in "your house" (talking to you Castanzo, Claiborne, Herzy).

If this video does not give you that added edge of "reckless abandon" nothing will.

Video on YouTube as "NCAA Football cheap shot"