Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another All American and other links

After being named to a variety of All America teams, Luke Kuechly finally got confirmation that he made the AP's All America team. The AP's team serves as the official list for college football. Congrats to Luke. It was certainly well deserved. One side note: did people realize that BC has only had 10 first teamers on the list in our history? And no honorees between Mike Cloud and Jamie Silva. Considering our success, that is a surprising stat.

The ACC named Reggie Jackson its player of the week.

Articles keep saying that BC has already sold 5,000 ticket for the Bowl game. That's encouraging. My fear though is that the article misinterpreted BC's commitment vs actual ticket sales.

Bubble alert and it is only December. Lunardi has us in the big dance.

Rivals named KPL to their freshman team. They honored Nate Freese too.


America said...

If you have been thinking about buying tickets to an up coming game, now is the perfect time! BC is offering some great holiday deals like pick two Men's BBall games for $20 or two Women's games for $6. Also Men's Hockey tickets start and only $10!!!

Also check this out!


Erik said...

If we can get to 19-20 wins we should be in. Any 11 victories.
15 ACC games, 5 non-conference.

I feel good that we can go 4-1 non-conference and at least 7 more ACC wins to finish .500 in the league. That will do it, and we can likely do better than 8-8 in the ACC based on the performance of everyone else so far.

Congrats to Luke Kuechly. A total no-brainer pick. Well deserved.

Frank C. said...

Just looked at AP's list...Luke was the only soph picked on Defense and one of three sophs picked first team overall. Thats pretty impressive. The fact we have this kid for two more years means our defense should only get better.

The national emergence of Luke Kuechly was the story for our program this year.

Goberry said...

More than anything, I was shocked that Art Donovan (Class of '50?) wasn't a consensus All-American. He's in both the college and pro football Halls of Fame.

mod10aeagle said...

How about a poll on what was the second-biggest storyline in BC football this year (Return of Herzy clearly #1)? Candidates:

1. The emergence of Luke Keuchly
2. The termination of the Shinskie experiment/Rise of Rettig
3. #1 Run Defense in the Nation
4. The rise from the ashes to finish 7-5.

Are there other candidates?

Anfield10 said...

You're right, Herzy #1

Not to be a downer, but judging by my own thoughts and most of the comments on here this season the #2 storyline has got to be inept offense / horrible OC. The only other one that really competes with that I think would be Kuechly.

A final one, which really I don't think competes with the others but more because we have come to "expect it" of him is Montel Harris. I just think the way he manages to lead the ACC in rushing with this terrible playcalling is remarkable, as was his becoming the all-time leading rusher for the ACC through his junior year and his imminent arrival as #1 BC rb in rushing yards too

Dan said...

Well, in keeping with our "We have ridiculously good LBs" theme of the past few days, we just picked up another 4 star LB, Steven Daniels.

He joins Graham Stewart as our second 4 star LB in this class and Sean Duggan as our second LB out of St. Xavier this year. The Keuchly pipeline is in full effect.