Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another St. X verbal and other links

There are many things we do owe TOB thanks for like stability, finding good staffers, beating Notre Dame, but the gift that kids on giving is the pipeline to St. Xavier in Cincinnati. The latest Bomber to commit to the Eagles is Steven Daniels. Daniels is expected to play linebacker at BC like his current teammate Sean Duggan and former teammate Luke Keuchly.

As Daniels committed, rumors popped up that another BC verbal Christian Suntrup was waivering. Rivals reached out and Christian says he is still on board and loves BC.

Josh Haden and his younger brother will restart their college careers at Toledo.


Leather D said...

Just to be clear, by "rumors popped up", you mean rumors were fabricated by some of the half-deranged agenda driven "posters" on EagleOutsider, right?

Ryan said...

No, actually the rumor originated from a certain MissouriEagle on the Insider site first, but why let that get in the way?

mod34b said...

With this abundance of LB talent, maybe we can switch to a 3-4?

But who will be the NT? Dillon Quinn?

what's the story with recruiting DB and DLs? any of note?

Alex L. said...

Is switching to a 3-4 better? Anyone know?

eagle1331 said...

Mod -

I'm not sure why we'd switch to a 3-4. While we all hate the bend but not break D, it sure seems to work in the ACC. Now if only we had a powered offense (nevermind a high powered offense) to compliment it.

While we have a bunch of LBs here and already on the roster, I don't think all will necessarily play that position for us. It was something I brought up on EO yesterday for the people who know more about the recruits to comment on, and the consensus seems to be that 1 of these guys will prob end up as a FB, and that Duggan or Daniels may end up at DE or at SS (I forget who/which).

We do have 3 DBs and 3 DEs in this class, though they're more the under the radar top guys.. We could definitely use a couple more skilled position/athlete guys though.. SS, FS, DB, WR.. in my opinion

mod34b said...

good points Eagle1331

I am sure some of the LB talent will move around .. . but I hope not to FB -- seems like one of the least valuable spots on the field.

I think Duggan is 6'6", so he could fill out to 250/260 and go to DE. The rest of the LB recruits are on the short side -- 6'1" -- maybe one or two can move to SS if they've got the speed (think i saw some 4.5s on the list)

I looked at rivals -- we are #5 in the ACC which is quite a surprise. WOW. That is very high for BC. Someone at BC is doing a great job recruiting.

NCSU is #12/12. Also surprising given NCSU's location and this year's success.

But 3* (forget about 4*) corners and WR still seem to elude BC's recruiting nets.

Emil said...

anyone think that these new BC QB's have badass names?

Chase Rettig... Christian Suntrup.

shallow observation, but cool.

curranac said...

As a St. X and BC grad (class of 2000) who's living here in Cincinnati, it is great to see the pipeline continue.

NC State is just not a school kids from around here would really consider. They can go to Indiana, Illinois or Louisville which I would put on a similar level as NC State.

Having seen both players this year, I am impressed with each one. I don't think Duggan is 6-6, but I believe he is taller than Daniels. Daniels is compact but athletic similar to Broncos DE Elvis Dumervil. He also played goaline FB and would be like Brian Toal in that regard.

One of the nice things is that all the Catholic high schools here play games at the Bengals stadium and the University of Cincinnati on a regular basis. Plus home games for Moeller, Elder and St. X draw about 10,000 people, so these kids come in ready to play.

JBQ said...

From here in St. Louis, it appears obvious that Christian Suntrup should "look around". The offensive situation at BC is frankly "offensive". Unfortunately, unless BC brings in a "young Turk" with the future keys to the franchise, then BC will be troubled to repeat the troubles of George Halas looking at a modern NFL offense and being "left in the ditch".

AlbanyEagle said...

That's a lot of "words in quotes".

Galvin said...

Yes JBQ, thanks for your "opinion".

EAGLE_IN_LA said...
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EAGLE_IN_LA said...

UConn cannot sell their bowl tickets. Would BC have this same problem if they went to a BCS bowl game?

Big Jack Krack said...

I don't know about his speed, but as he develops, wouldn't Dillon Quinn make a great defensive end?

Big Jack Krack said...

Speaking of new recruits on the offensive side of the ball - they'll just have to believe that Tranquill will be gone.

mod10aeagle said...

I think any QB prospect would think twice about committing to a program that won it's last five games with a true freshman QB, especially one that seemed to improve every week and ended the season with a great deal of staff and fan support. Who wants to wait until they're a senior to have a shot at being #1? Unless, of course, the kid has hugely superior skills and can already read Ds like a pro, but then, that kid is probably not coming to BC, frankly.

Switch the D to a 3-4? Are you nuts? Leave the D alone and fix the O!

BCDoubleEagle said...

"Unless, of course, the kid has hugely superior skills and can already read Ds like a pro, but then, that kid is probably not coming to BC, frankly"

Matt Ryan says hello.

Galvin said...

It's not so bad, Suntrup comes in and redshirts his first year while Chase is a sophomore (and let's hope he progresses the way we all assume/hope/eat/pray/love he will). He is a redshirt freshmen while Chase is a junior starter and gets a few reps each game. Then he can step in as a starter his junior year if he is worthwhile.

the said...

Also, they are playing football, there can be injuries, rettig can do well and leave early... its not a guarantee that he will be sitting until his Redshirt JR year. If he does, then he has two years to prove his worth... this is a great fit for Suntrup

mod10aeagle said...

I won't argue the point, but I don't think Ryan's situation coming into BC was remotely similar to what Suntrup's would be. Perhaps my dates are wrong, but while Ryan was a senior in high school, junior Paul Peterson took the starting job from junior Quinton Porter, who subsequently red-shirted the 2004 season, which would've been Ryan's freshman season. I don't recall what other QBs BC had on the bench or brought in with Ryan's class, but I believe there was a gap there that would give Ryan more than just two years as starter. Whatever, the points made by Galvin and the are certainly valid.

mod34b said...

Mod 10

you say "Switch the D to a 3-4? Are you nuts?"

have you seen our pass defense lately? We need a better pass D. Part of the reason we have such low rushing yards against is that teams throw, throw, throw on us -- teams throw more on BC than any other ACC team and rush less against BC than any other ACC team. see These ACC STATS

1. Clemson.........425/247 188.5
2. North Carolina..354/221 207.2
3. NC State........ 399/218 207.5
4. Virginia Tech...518/277 210.3
5. Maryland........415/249 210.7
6. Miami...........345/196 212.2
7. Georgia Tech....389/219 215.9
8. Virginia........ 452/263 225.5
9. Wake Forest.....509/272 231.0
10.Duke............376/242 244.1
11.Florida State...464/264 245.4
12.Boston College..574/332 253.9

Dan said...

Mod, those passing numbers are pretty absurd. However, we are third in the ACC and 19th in the country in points allowed per game which is more important than how many yards we give up.

I will agree that the bend but don't break strategy probably accounts for 50% of Tums sales in the hometowns of BC faithful, but I'm willing to toss it into the "if ain't broke don't fix it" category.

Dan said...

I hope Josh Haden didn't get a Gator tattooed anywhere. Between that and the BC tattoo on his chest it could get awkward in the Toledo locker room.

BCDoubleEagle said...

perhaps teams throw more against us because they know they can't run against us?

bobble said...

Right now we don't have a guy to play the nose in the 3-4. And if we did switch it would be to rush a linebacker rather than to drop 8 in coverage. I thought we could have used it more this year because Herzlich is at his best when he is rushing the passer.

mod34b said...

Major oops!

Those stats are from 2008

For 2010 we are 10 worst in pass def, but 4 th best in pass def efficiency (whatever that is). Here is the right link

Dustbowl said...

Holy Toledo!

I can't believe Haden wound up in Toledo. What a fall.

But it actually makes some sense. He could not hack it as an ACC back, so there was no way he was going to play at Florida.

What was left the BE or MAC -- which are pretty much at the same level :~), so he went with Toledo.

Lou said...

FYI, BC Alum Robert Weiner is a high school football coach in Tampa, Fl. His Plant Panthers are going for their fourth state title in five years tonight. His program is a quarterback factory, having already produced Robert Marve and Aaron Murray and current QB, Philip Ely is an Alabama committ. His best player on this team is James Wilder Jr., an FSU committ, who is one of the top recruits in the country. Tony Dungy had his son transfer in to play here.