Thursday, December 16, 2010

Respect for Donahue and other links

No one really panned the Steve Donahue hiring in non-BC circles. Most expected him to be fine. Few thought the change would pay such early dividends. The guys at the ACC Sports Journal have noticed and are on the Donahue bandwagon.

The Boston Gridiron Club added to Harris, Keuchly and Castanzo's list of accolades.

HD thinks Rettig needs to step up in the Bowl game. I'm interested in his progression too. With a month to prepare, a game in his home state and facing a porous defense, this could be a chance to Rettig to shine. HD is also expecting Rettig's experience to pay off in 2011.

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Dustbowl said...

Castonzo as in Gonzo!

Seinfeld: George COstAnzA
BC: Anthony CAstOnzO
George's Gym teacher: Can't-Stand-Ya

Costanza, Castonzo, blah, blah, blah