Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Blogpoll ballot

I missed posting a Blogpoll ballot last week. Things just got away from me, but it did provide a nice chance at a fresh start. So for this ballot I wasn't married to any previous votes.

Games I watched
Auburn-USC 50%
Florida State-Virginia Tech 50%
Arizona-Arizona State 25%
Cincinnati-Pitt 25%
Nebraska-Oklahoma 25%


Eagle in Brighton said...

Your 2010 UConn Huskies, ladies and gentlemen.

Stay classy.

mod34b said...

Phil Steele's All-ACC team

Harris, Castonzo, Kuechly 1st team
Scafe 2d team (unexpectedly nice!!)
KPL 3rd team (unexpectedly nice too!!)
Claiborne, Quigley 4th team

Freese frozen out. (kid should be at least 2d team)

Ry said...

Looks like we could be sending three defensemen to the <>US World Juniors<> team as well as Kreider once again.

The only games they'd miss would be the Ledyard Bank Tournament up at Dartmouth. We'll be extremely thin on the blue line if all three go.

Big Jack Krack said...

I have a friend who works for the Carolina Hurricanes. He told me that Brian Dumoulin and Philip Samuelsson were special when they were in the Hurricane's camp before ever playing for BC (the were committed to BC). I'm sure that Wey and Kreider are special as well.

Back to football - in looking at Phil Steele's FBS Power Ratings - I suppose that it's no surprise that we beat the teams ranked lower than us, and lost to the teams ranked higher than us.

We will have to break that mold to beat Nevada - a team ranked higher than NC State, Maryland and Notre Dame. The only ACC teams ranked higher in the power ratings are Virginia Tech (140) and Florida State (135).

Nevada is at 133 BC is at 122. (Boise is 144)

The school with the highest power rating is - STANFORD at 147, slightly ahead of Auburn, TCU, Oregon and Boise.

Does this mean anything? Of course, because we have to talk about something.

Let's go Basketball - Let's go Hockey.

Big Jack Krack said...

Here's another tidbit:

BC played 8 teams with winning records - Nevada played 6.

53 Boston College 82 72 53.2% 8
80 Nevada 76 76 50.0% 6

Teams we played:

1 Florida St 101 55 64.7% 11
3 Syracuse 98 57 63.2% 10
13 Maryland 92 63 59.4% 8
15 Clemson 90 64 58.4% 8
15 Virginia 90 64 58.4% 10
17 NC State 89 65 57.8% 9
19 Virginia Tech 90 66 57.7% 8
30 Duke 87 67 56.5% 8
37 Wake Forest 84 69 54.9% 8
86 Notre Dame 76 77 49.7% 7
119 Kent St 63 86 42.3% 3

BCDoubleEagle said...

Free online video of BC/ Providence hoops game:


Currently 28-19 BC

BCDoubleEagle said...

BC men leading Providence 42-31 at halftime.

BC women leading Holy Cross 52-34 early in the second half.

A33Jim said...

Thanks for the link DoubleEagle. Is that video the feed from BC's jumbotron?

Big Jack Krack said...

Okay - you can tell when I'm sitting in a hotel room.

Newsflash re: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (BTW - I think this is a noble cause)

Updated: Wednesday 12/08/2010 14:12:40
by Nevada

RENO, Nev. — The University of Nevada has sold nearly 15,000 tickets for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in the four days since tickets went on sale, athletics department officials said today.

My prediction - Top Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick #10 will throw 25
passes against the Eagles and complete 16, for 218 yards for 2 TDs with 1 INT and 1 SACK.

Vai Taua #34 will run 20 times for 116 yards and 1 TD (he might break a long one).

Anthony Martinez #40 1 for 2 Field goals.

Nevada will score 24 points this way. Will Kaepernick also score on the ground?

Okay BC - how are we going to score 25 or more?

BTW - Against a Boise defense that was No. 1 in the nation against the run (at that time), the Wolf Pack ran at will. 52 attempts for 288 yards (lost 19)= 5.2 yards per run.

Oh boy - if Kaepernick runs for 125 yards in addition to Taua - we're in Deep Kimchee! I'll give him 1 more TD as of today.

Nevada = 31 points.

BC - we need 32 - let's get on it.

Big Jack Krack said...

After the Syracuse game, 18 year old Andre Williams - "I couldn't have guessed I would get the ball 42 times," he said. "I hadn't even seen Montel carry the ball that many times in a game.

There were certain times it was definitely a passing situation and I'd hear the play in the huddle and it was a running play. One time, it was third-and-8 and [I got the ball] for a running play. I felt like it was saying a lot from the coaches that they really did have faith in me".

That also says something about the mentality of our Offensive Coordinator.

Prediction - he'll try to get ahead, and BC will thereafter play Prevent Offense AND Prevent Defense.

Final Score BC 17 Nevada 16 3/4.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Women's basketball final
BC 98, Holy Cross 64
BC women are now 9-0

B. Traven said...

By the way, the BC Eagles basketball team has not trailed at any point during the last 3 and a half games.

eagle1331 said...

For the record, flights to San Francisco are VERY cheap right now. I'm heading out there at hightravel times, Friday-Monday, flying direct from NJ for 300. Step up people!

Ry said...

bjk: kreider has done more to earn being called special than any of the three defensemen combined. in fact, samuelson and dumoulin are absolutely frustrating to watch sometimes for the dumb plays they make all too frequently.

that hoops game tonight was ugly down the stretch. our foul shooting, which had been great all season, fell apart and providence got real hot from 3. trapani made a heap of mental mistakes. he went to the line with 1.7 seconds left...shooting two, up one. hit the first, missed the second. providence rebounded, threw up a 3/4 court shot that hit the rim, bounced up, grazed the backboard and just missed falling in. it would have been an absolute gut punch and we are lucky to have survived. i am glad we pulled it out, but it was in spite of our play down the stretch and not because of it. poor ball handling, stupid shot selection (moton's dribble drive early in the shot clock), and the return of mistakes on the inbounds. let's hope we can correct it for sunday's ACC opener.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Ry - I haven't been able to see our hockey team in action yet this year, so thanks for the clarification about Kreider.