Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Respect for BC and other links

I don't know if it is the Nevada factor or begrudging respect, but instead of mocking our bowl situation the pundits are respecting the matchup. Some view it as a Keuchly vs Kaepernick battle.

HD -- who is usually takes the coaching at BC takes miracles narrative -- rightly points out that much of our late season comeback was built off of a forgiving schedule. She also notes Kuechly's dominance and amazing amass of tackles.

The cool gift at the Fight Hunger Bowl is probably the headphones.

This is from the weekend, but Bob Ryan is on the Steve Donahue bandwagon.

BC is prospecting for the class of 2012 already. Another prospect is Domenic Martinelli.


John said...

We are a 9 point underdog so Vegas isn't taking us seriously

Big Jack Krack said...

That's a pretty good spread. Maybe VT was a bigger favorite this year, but I don't think anyone else was up around 9 points.

I think the big question is can BC use this time while getting healthy, to stay sharp and focused. It's a very long layoff.

I think the 40+ days will be beneficial to recharge the batteries, etc. - but our guys really need to buckle down and come out smoking defensively, and with some surprising twists offensively.

We can't get behind 14 to zip in this game. If we're going for ball control - which I understand to impact the clock - then let's do it in such a way that we can be successful.

Let's let the Hogs go wild in the BC tradition and take it to them - open up those holes for Montel - if he's back and for Andre.

Let's toss it to a wide open fullback named McCluskey once or twice. Let Pantale and Anderson do their thing - but get one to McMichael over the middle just once.

I've got to stopp. :-)

Big Jack Krack said...

Has anyone heard about the rehabilitation progress for Colin Larmond Jr. and Rolandan "Deuce" Finch?

How about Shakim Phillips?

I sure hope that Albright, Gause and Harris can make it back - Let's win this for California native Wes Davis.

Hopefully Holloway, Fletcher and Ramsey will be at full strength - and Scafe.

On and on.

Dan said...

Yea I really hope to see the D get healthy and the offense get into rhythm during the break. My only concern with the lay-off is that we tend to come out flat after breaks. I'd love to see Chase and some of the young receivers have a break out game.

Now, Nevada is a good team, BUT when looking at their offense and gaudy numbers let's consider:

a. They play in the WAC
b. Their opponents are a combined 63-97
c. When you take out their FCS opponent the numbers actually get WORSE 53-95

They are still a very good team but I honestly don't think they've run into a defense like ours yet.

Dan said...

From a scouting perspective, I'm curious who BC will have playing Kaepernick in practice.

Also, this month is really a golden opportunity to practice some trick plays (ie. passing the ball) because in scouting our tape, the only plays Nevada will have to practice defending is the the run up the middle and 3rd and long.

BCDoubleEagle said...

I declare shenanegans:

Eagle in Brighton said...

Kuechly was f'ing robbed. 171 tackles on the top run defense in the country. 102 MORE than Von Miller.

What. A. Joke.

Just glad we have two more years to enjoy is play on the Heights.

Benjamin said...

Kuechly was a finalist for the top defensive player in the nation. It's a tough call for the Nagurski award, but yeah, he definitely was robbed.