Monday, January 03, 2011

New blogs, new BC names for UConn and other links

Welcome Around the Res to the BC blogosphere. They are off to a promising start with this interview with Codi Boek. I wish Boek had gotten a little more playing time while at BC since he embodies so much of what we want our guys to be.

Bill McGovern is getting mentioned as a candidate for the UConn opening. In the past McGovern interviewed for openings at Holy Cross and UMass. I would be surprised if he gets the job, but good for him getting in the mix. As for the other BC-UConn connection, Jags is still mentioned yet his contract was not renewed with the UFL. Of course, this being Jags it is never that simple. The UFL called it a firing and said Jags wasn't getting it done on the field. Perfect timing when you are trying to get another job. What is interesting is that the UFL's news might have derailed his UConn shot yet his UFL GM said he is hoping Jags gets the UConn job?! What a strange two years its been for him.

The Patriots put Ron Brace on the IR which means he's done for the playoffs.

In case you missed this article on Wes Davis over the weekend, it is well worth the read.

I've harped on the Chip Kelly connections in the past. With the BCS Championship approaching I think you'll see more articles like with quotes from Sean Devine.


mod34b said...

Poor Jags. Very likeable guy, but obviously a big BS artist who gets himself into jobs he can't handle.

Can you imagine being fired 3 times in 2 years!

I wish him well, but am glad he is out of Chestnut Hill.

A33Jim said...

The Tuesday Morning Quarterback sportswriter on ESPN picked BC guy Dan Koppen as his season MVP

EasyRider said...

I would love to see Devine as our OC if Tranq retires. #1 He has experience in an offense that can really excite recruits and the fan base like the NH/Oregon spread does. New Hampshire has shown that warm weather is not a prerequisite for the spread.
#2 Having an OL guy as OC really would help to get us back to where we need to be to become O-Line U again. Him at OC would clear up the space for a new OL coach which would give the position the resources necessary to return our unit to its prominence.

mmason said...

Jags will do very well wherever he goes, as long as he can clone Matt Ryan and a decent OC, and have a winning program already in place...Is cloning expensive? Will this work kinda like Koolade?

No matter how much we dis VT, Stanford pretty much outcoached VT--up by 1 in the 1st half, they "adjusted" and kicked butt. The real big point is that a great coaching staff took Stanford from chumps to champs in three years--and those prior teams were gradually less aweful until they were very awesome.

Much like Stanford, the BC Eagles have serious talent that can do the same kind of gear up if the coaching improves. It's about the coaches, regardless of conference or pedigree or "hallowed tradition." Period.

Andrew said...


Not sure how you can promote Devine after he did a great job ruining our O-Line

Big Jack Krack said...

I have been puzzled by the troubles of the OLine since Devine got here as well.

We will really need them at their peak this Sunday night.

We need our Offensive Linemen to regain their prominence - and I hope they can and will.

Big Jack Krack said...

What's frightening after watching Stanford manhandle VT last night (I actually turned out the lights about the time of Stanford's 2nd last TD) is this - how did Oregon outscore the Cardinal 28 to 0 in the 2nd half this past October?

What else? Once Stanford was ahead 21 to 3, they were outscored by the Ducks 49 to 10.

How do our coaches stack up against some of these other staffs? I'll tell you one thing - we need more energy on the sidelines - more enthusiasm - but most of all - better preparation. I think they said Andrew Luck has 350 plays on his wristband. Chase Rettig probably has 20.

Let's go BC - show up Sunday with a case of the hips - a case of the cheeks. Potentially, there will be a very good national audience watching parts of our game with Nevada. Let's not look anything but confident and well-drilled. Beat Nevada!!!!

EasyRider said...

Devine didn't ruin our O-line. The problem it seems is we don't seem to have a single cohesive system. What we have with Tranq is a mishmash of concepts that he has coached for years with new ones that he seems to have put in to keep up with the times even though he may not be entirely comfortable with how it fits in the offense. The position coach is responsible to merely implement what he he is given by the coordinator. Without a cohesive system O-line play becomes very complicated and cause overthinking and inaction. Tranq would be well served to listen to Spaz's old adage "when you think, you stink"

Big Jack Krack said...

Good point, Easy - let's just go out and blast them.

Let the "Big Eaters" go and do their thing.

I'm proud of our players and I wish them the best this Sunday.

Let's get a status on some of our injured guys who have a chance to play - Albright, Harris, Lapham, (I wish W. Davis' career didn't end)Gause (I think he's out), Phillips. I hope Finch and Larmond can rebound from their injuries next season. I'm sure I have missed a few.

Atl - can you shed any light? The Boston papers are weak.

mod34b said...

BC loses to Harvard once again.