Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Women fall to Dayton, recruiting and other links

The BC women's stay in the Top 25 might not last long as they lost to Dayton tonight 89-77.

Don Bosco running back Paul Canevari might get a late offer from BC. 2012 QB Casey Cochran is saying all the right things about academics coming first.

Brian Gibbons earned Hockey East player of the month for December.

HD thinks it is up to BC to carry the flag for the ACC.

Donahue's home town paper is following his adjustment to the ACC.

New England Soccer News named Kristen Mewis its player of the year.


Big Jack Krack said...

Just doodling, and thinking/hoping that.....

We need to get fired up about SF and our chance to salvage a season - why so much quiet?

The PR folks are really doing a bang up job promoting our game with Nevada. Not! It borders on disgraceful.

Wes Davis calls and wins the coin toss.

The coaches open up the offense - this is a perfect game for the old college-try.

the players continue to be self-motivated, because I'm not sure they get all they need from this staff.

McCluskey gets some nice runs and catches, in addition to his blocking - note to Nyquil - use the guy.

McMichael sneaks into the game and grabs a long td pass down the middle.

Flutie throws a TD or two-point conversion on a fake.

Boek sneaks in on a razzle dazzle and throws a TD from the FB position.

Castonzo and Claiborne get some cool pancakes on national TV.

Albright and Herzlich each get an interception - and maybe a pick 6.

Ryan Lindsey gets a sniff - a chance.

Ferguson gets a chance to do something special - like on special teams.

Fox bats down pass after pass - especially in the red zone. Maybe even picks one off.

Momah successfully plays a little both ways - nice catches and nice sacks. (We should rotate our DE's heavily to stay fresh).

Morrisey gets an important sack or two.

Newman has his best game of the year - of his career!

Gause and Lapham play big roles in the preparations and on-field encouragement toward a big victory if they themselves cannot play due to injury. The team need their support and strength.

Scafe shuts down the run and pressures the QB when needed (with Ramsey and others of course)

All of our younger players show their appreciation and admiration for all of our seniors by playing their socks off and sending them out as winners in their last college game - for most of them, the last game of their lives!!!!!!

And really praying that.......

Spaz isn't really from the Al Skinner "Cruise Control" school of thought - although it looks like it. I hope I'm wrong - we'll have a good indication by the end of the first quarter Sunday night. I hope he has drilled and prepared this team in the tradition of our 8-straight bowl wins - and not just the ho-hum hope that it turns out to be a positive experience.

Take charge Spaz - take charge and DO IT.

If I failed to recognize any seniors, I apologize.

Big Jack Krack said...
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