Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Senior Bowl Day 2: Castonzo moves and Herzy impresses

Castonzo did well in his drills today. The coaches moved him to the right side and he had no problems adjusting to his old spot. He also seems has a good handle on the pressure and off the field aspects of the Senior Bowl.

This scout sees Herzlich as on OLB in a 3-4 system. This scout told a writer that Herzy is a perfect combo of instinct and size.


Big Jack Krack said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

It would be tough for a school to have two better representatives than Anthony Castonzo and Mark Herzlich.

From today's Boston Globe - It was mentioned that in addition to Dave Brock and Ryan Day, Spaziani has talked to University of Delaware offensive coordinator Jim Hofher, sources familiar with the process said. Hofher was the head coach at Cornell from 1990-97, and at the University of Buffalo from 2001-05.

That's the extent of the national search, I guess.

eagle1331 said...

Because I'm sure we'd all love to BC guys on our favorite teams, let me be the first to say, I hope the Cowboys get Castonzo in the 1st and Herz in the 2nd or 3rd. 2 Positions of need and the right schemes..

BCDoubleEagle said...
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WI_Eagle said...

It's vs. Puke at Cameron

mod34b said...

BJK -- nice point. Spaz is obviously doing a fake search, and letting Blaudy know, just so he can claim to have looked beyond the tip of his own nose.

What a joke! But really it the same story as with Tranq, what successful OC wants to cast his lot with Spaz? Only people Spaz can get are unproven "up-and-comers" or those well, well past their prime.

but hey, it could be worse: look at UConn's hires. Talk about unsexy and unexciting! Paqualoni! Ha.. now that is pathetic. Maybe, its New England...coaches do not want to come this way...

Eagle1331: "we'd all love to BC guys on our favorite teams" Cowboys are NOT one of BCers favorite teams. BCer favs: Giants, Pats, Bears, Steelers . . in that order. (indeed, owners children from 3 of these 4 have gone to BC and Kraft has a good relationship with BC). In fact, I think 95% of BCers actaully dislike the Cowboys and Jerry Jones. I do.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Anyone know if tomorrow's bball game against Duke will be on TV in the Boston area? Apparently NESN will be showing the ECHL all star game tomorrow night. The BC website, of course, still has the game notes from Florida State posted (after all, why bother posting the game notes for the biggest game of the year when it's just over 24 hours away?)

A33Jim said...

Mod, what's the bears-BC link? I know we had Josh Beekman at one point but I'm not sure what happened to him.

Also, you have to add the Falcons to that list.

Joseph said...

Coaches don't want to come to NE? What about the Pats? Why are you so sure that Spaz is not going through a ton of applications. These things will always attract lots of attention. Not all even close to being qualified, but you can be sure that the fax was jammed with resumes.Spaz does not have to put out a "help wanted" sign. They will come to him.

blist said...

Delaware is a perennial d-2 contender for the NC - they were runners-up this year. Delaware has a pretty dynamic offense, so it's not like he'd be a bad choice, Hofher - and he worked with a starting QB in the NFL.
I'll take any of the three BJK mentioned - just keep The Nyquilizer away!

mod34b said...

Looks like its a competition btw Brock and Day.

I am guessing that Spaz is waiting until after LOI day to announce becusse whoever loses is quitting and BC does not want to lose the quitting person's recruits.

eagle1331 said...

Mod - I'm pretty sure BC draws students from all over the country, and indeed the world, and actually my class had a very large segment from Texas, so I'm not sure why people who like BC are only allowed to like the handful of teams you mention.. My NFL allegiances have nothing to do with my Alma Mater, consider most normal people pick a favorite NFL team way before they pick a college.

BCNorCal07 said...

Mod, I'm with eagle1331 on this one. I couldn't care less about the teams you say I should like. In fact, I actively dislike most of them. I'd love to have some Eagles on my team (the Niners) and I'm sure you'd love to have some on your team or teams. Beyond that, I'm just glad if our guys make the NFL. How can you have a problem with that? It's now a crime for BC alumni to root for a team that's not in the Northeast or Chicago?

mod34b said...

"I'm not sure why people who like BC are only allowed to like the handful of teams you mention"

"I couldn't care less about the teams you say I should like"

"It's now a crime for BC alumni to root for a team that's not in the Northeast or Chicago"

HUH ????

I never said you had to like any team. I identified BCers "favorite" NFL teams -- e.g. teams most likely prefered by BC grads. As in "the survey says ...." get it?

Plus, really, who likes the Cowboys other than people from Texas? Niners. pretty irrelevant for over a decade.

eagle1331 said...

I think you need a reality check on the demographics of Boston College students.. and then perhaps some basic pro-sports knowledge that teams like the 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, Pats, etc. draw fans that have no geographical connection to them. You're embarrassing yourself like a UConn alumnus.

Ry said...

where are those stats? last time i checked BC still draws an enormous percentage from the northeast with Mass, NY, NJ, and CT all being in the top 5 (i think california was the outlier there).

and yes, the BC game should be on channel upn38 tomorrow night.

Big Jack Krack said...

Earlier I didn't mean any disrespect for Hofher - Delaware has always been good.

Just thought we might have seen a few other names floated by now.

At any rate, whoever is named should be able to better GT's record, even with a tougher schedule coming up.

In Nyquil's 5 seasons at UNC, the Tarheels were 24 & 35. His best year was his first - 2001 when they went 8 and 4 plus a bowl win. Thereafter the record was a paltry 16 & 31 - with some pretty good talent.

The only reason Nyquil beat BC - in November 2005 (I was at that game) was because it was one of TOB's worst WTF losses in his tenure.

UNC ran back the opening kickoff, and thereafter managed only 3 field goals - but enough to win against our unprepared team. That game cost us a very fine bowl game in our first ACC season.

I saw GT up close in the bowl game in Charlotte (BC victory) and in Chapel Hill. I was very unimpressed. UNC had the talent, but no imagination.

Go BC - Go Spaz - Go GDF - choose & hire a competent Offensive Coordinator so that we can stay competitive.

cwm2005 said...

It's sad that the BC-Duke game isn't on national TV.

We're forced to stomach a lot of crappy Duke games on ESPN, too bad the one game I want to watch is on Raycom.

The Thursday-Tuesday stretch between Duke and UNC is also strange. Not happy w/ the schedulers, both TV and conference right now.

On the bright side, the extra rest will hopefully allow BC to heal up from the flu, tweaked ankles, etc. Anyone else think this is actually a better match-up than FSU? Jackson creates a match-up issue for the Dukies, and if we can get a healthy Biko to hit some threes and take some of the ball-handling pressure off Reggie then I think BC can hang around. Duke probably wins tomorrow, but I expect a good showing from the team.

Walter said...

Almost more important than a win tomorrow is just to stay competitive. I didn't get to watch the FSU game, but I followed it on my phone. I wasn't thrilled with the final score, I hope the margin is a bit closer against Duke.

It would be easy for the team to lose its early confidence with a bad loss, but playing easily the best team in the ACC/country at its home turf.....I would be surprised (and thrilled!) with a BC victory.

As it stands, I'll take last years upset of UNC at their home court. If we did it to Duke a year later, that would be nuts.

mod34b said...

Eagle1331 ... what's the deal, dude? Well I ignored your sophomoric tone, and took up your invitation for a reality check.

And where are those stats for my reality check, as Ry asks? Ry good question.

I went to the BC Alumni Online community (lots of stats; easy and quick reference) and dug up some stats.

I used the graduates from 2000 as my assumed representative sample. Of course, the older the class, the more skewed toward MA and NY it will be. But 2000 seemed like a good place to go to capture the demographics of the "modern" BC graduate.

My results were somewhat surprising: California had way more BC alumni residents than I imagined (not that they are from there before BC, but they moved there after BC), and Texas is not as well represented as I thought (or Eagle 1331 apparently thought: "my class had a very large segment from Texas").

All 2000 Graduates (all schools, grad, undegrad and law etc)

total 3990

MA 1510 (38%)
NY 471
CA 260 (6.5%)
NJ 193
CT 193
FL 104
PA 103
IL 83
RI 60
TX 58 (3.8%)

or, focusing on 2000 A&S graduates:

Total 1391
MA 405 (29%)
NY 225
CA 114 (8.1%)
NJ 83
CT 64
FL 46
IL 45
TX 20 (1.4%)

or, focusing on 2000 CSOM graduates:

Total 646
MA 166 (25%)
NY 124
CA 54 (8.5%)
NJ 48
CT 36
FL 16
IL 15
TX 12 (1.8%)

Ok, now back to waiting for the next snow storm to hit New England...grrrrrr

mod34b said...

oops.. my first Texas percentag e should be 1.4% not 3.8%

Andrew said...

Ahhh now I see all the Steelers fans in those stats you provided.

Brett said...

This is really interesting. This must mean a huge percentage of the CSON and LSOE grads, which makes sense because of licensing, but I would wonder if it is scewed this way for incoming students. Would there be any way to find out?

mod34b said...

Andrew -- the BC/Steeler connection is based on the fact that many of the Rooney family members have gone to BC and I am sure they have been quite generous to BC too.

mod34b said...

Brett -- go the the BC alumni online community and you can figure out those stats. I am statted out. :~)

Ry said...

current enrollment stats are here:
BC Factbook

Bravesbill said...

If you think it's a shame that the game tomorrow isn't on national tv, it's a travesty that tonight's SDSU-BYU game is stuck on CSTV, which 99% of all Americans do not get.

Snuffy said...

Mr BraveBill, why would anyone from BC care about a BYU v SDSU hoops game?

Bravesbill said...

Hmm considering the fact that it pitted 2 Top 10 teams against each other, one team of which was undefeated and the other one possessing the player of the year, why would you not care about the game? More people would be interested in that game than a Duke-BC game.

Snuffy said...

Mr Bravebill - may you should be posting on a hoops blog because no one here gives a ding dang about BYU hoops

Bravesbill said...

I couldn't give a rat's ass about BYU basketball either although I do follow SDSU closely. Any college basketball fan would have had interest in that game last night.

cwm2005 said...

I actually get CBS's college sports network and watched SDSU get Jimmered. The guy is fun to watch, though ESPN's ad nauseum coverage might turn me against him soon.

Hopefully tonight, Duke gets Reggie'd.