Monday, January 24, 2011

Herzy's story goes national again and other links

Injuries and BC's drab season muted some of the media hype surrounding Mark Herzlich's return. Now that he is entering the NFL phase of his career, a new group of writers, reporters and pundits have a chance to jump on the story. It is a great human interest piece. But what is more interesting is where Mark will land in the Draft. Although he didn't have a highlight reel season, I actually think he played very well. If he does well in Mobile and at the Combine he might creep back up NFL draft boards.

The directors of the Senior Bowl got real creative with their rooming assignments by putting Mark and Castonzo together.

If you didn't see it elsewhere, please read this Harvard Sports Analysis Collective post regarding BC basketball. Basically we have the most divergent offensive and defensive stats on one team since they've been tracking either. What does it mean for the season? Hopefully we can get a little better at D and close out more ACC games. BCI complimented the post with their post on the divergent units on BC football.

BC offered 2012 target Jordan Westerkamp a scholarship. The Illinois WR has MAC and Big Ten offers.

Carolyn Swords was the ACC player of the week.


dixieagle said...

Mark spoke with the sports director at the Mobile TV station where my husband works, and was gracious and classy as always. He and Anthony Castonzo are great representatives of B.C. - smart, talented, focused.

I can't wait to see them play here, and plan to see them at the players' "meet and greet" with fans on Friday.

Galvin said...

I love hearing stuff like that. BC does churn out some great guys. Hope they both do well.

Eagle in Brighton said...

UConn football donor wants $3m donation back, calls for AD's job.


eagle1331 said...

you beat me to it Brighton.. stay classy UConn!

Eagle in Brighton said...

Joking aside- I think we all can relate to analogous moments of fan frustration, but to to make such an absurd hissy-fit public like that just reflects poorly on a school.

We can bitch about GDF, but it definitely could be much, much worse.