Monday, February 21, 2011

Bracketology 101 and other links

Even though Lunardi is on the bandwagon, I am more encouraged that the more accurate Bracketology 101 has BC in the Tournament. Those guys have BC among the last four in and among the "First Four" games. The cynic in me says that it will be a certainty that BC is included in the first "First Four." Because the "First Four" is like being in the Tournament but not really.

Ground Breaking stuff here from the Sporting News -- BC produces a lot of NFL linemen!!

Pennsylvania OLine prospect Adam DePietro is hoping for a BC offer.

College Football News expects Donnie Fletcher to have a big senior season.


cwm2005 said...

i'm actually rooting for a "first four" game for this team.

Playing in Dayton on that Tuesday will get BC a national, showcase-ish game and I'm all for breaking in the 68-team tourney by watching BC.

Also, I can't imagine this team making it to the second weekend anyway. Two wins and out in round of 32 would be an incredible job by Donahue.

Here's hoping he gameplans for the Miami game tomorrow night like he did for UNC--and that BC shoots over 27% (BC shot terribly but i thought the gameplan to stop the secondary break was really good.)

I'm also rooting for VA tech over Duke on Saturday so a BC possible season sweep of the Hokies looks better.

Did anyone read Andy Katz's chat wrap from last week, where he wrote that he thought Reggie might declare early b/c of a down draft class in 2011?? If that's true, we should enjoy the bubble now, because next year is going to be painful

Ry said...

i thought lunardi has hit the field in something like 12 of the last 13 years or something along those lines.

either way, big game tonight...hopefully we are ready