Friday, February 18, 2011

HD talks to Rogers and other links

HD posted a Q&A with Kevin Rogers. He was actually pretty candid in that he hasn't had a chance to watch much BC nor does he have any preconceptions about the guys. What I find encouraging is that he plans to adapt to the talent around him and is ready to recruit. Both qualities were lacking with our former OC.

BC Sports Information Director Chris Cameron started a Facebook page that joked about in-game, halftime interviews. I personally find them useless. There are only a handful of coaches who ever say anything interesting. I would much rather see more highlights or analysis at halftime.

We haven't landed a big recruit from out west in many years. Will Davonte Neal change that?

Devin Fuller considers himself a dual threat, Michael Vick type QB. He enjoyed BC's Junior Day and hopes to make a commitment this summer.

Steve Donahue added another Californian to his recruiting class.

BC is recruiting Noor Davis as a Defensive End, while most schools see him as a LB. Maybe the unique position difference will help our case.

If Northeastern and BC keep this up, we are going to need more pucks! Following up on Monday's game, the two teams skated to a wide-open, high scoring tie.

We've known that AC and Herzy were good students, but it was nice to see Richman and Williams join them on the All-ACC Academic Football Team. Castonzo was honored for the fourth time.

The baseball team lost their season opener.


mmason said...

We lost this game with UNC because we have no big man inside who can post up, and, even moreso, we don't shoot when we have an open look. It was a valiant effort down the stretch--but Josh can't do squat inside, we don't pull the trigger when we should--so tentative, we look like a high school sophomore on a first date, the way we
waited until the last three minutes to start playing aggressive offensive ball. It's realy hard to watch this team lose games they must win. We had UNC's number and just let it go...

Danny Boy said...

I was actually encouraged by the game. Sure we could have won and probably should have. We shot for shit, but played a great game.

Lets focus on the adjustments made by Donahue. He came up with a great game plan that really limited an otherwise far more talented team. We held UNC to their lowest point total in the history of the Dean dome. Donahue outcoached Roy today, and it bodes well for future years.

Don't forget that we only have 7 scholarship players on the roster. We were gutted during the transition, and Donahue is making great strides with while being tied to a giant anchor. Of course I would have rather won, but I'm holding my head high after the game (while also looking forward to the 2 incoming big men we have for next year).