Saturday, February 19, 2011

"It was this close..."

There were no moral victories or real victories for BC in Chapel Hill. At this point 'moral' victories don't help your resume. But there were some good takeaways in BC's tight loss to UNC. We now have to close strong and get to nine conference wins. But I think we can do it. Here are my thoughts.


-- Going for the win.
After the game there was some second guessing regarding BC's final shot. A two-pointer forces OT, while Reggie took a long 3 with little time left. But he is our best player. He just made a big shot and his dribble was able to get separation on the final attempt. If it goes in, BC steals the win.
-- The transition D. After last game, Donahue obviously made this a point of emphasis. It hurt us on offense (we only had 8 offensive rebounds!) but the trade off kept us in the game.
-- Attempting 27 3s. We were terrible from 3 today (25%) but I like the attitude. We weren't going to beat them inside, so why not chuck it. If anything I think we've shied away from the 3s too often in our losses.

-- Still no answer for Zeller.
The doubling wasn't very effective this time around. If we make the tourney, a team with any sort of size is going to give us trouble. Zeller is not as good as we've made him look this year.
-- Hesitation from the role players. Cahill, Paris, Elmore and Moton all had space at different times on the perimeter that they passed up. If Jackson and Trapani are cold, these guys need to try to hit some 3s...especially if the defense is laying off of them.
-- Paris's day. Not only has he cooled off as a shooter, but his productivity and efficiency is not where it was early in the season. His turnovers were killers.


BCDoubleEagle said...

Tough weekend. Hockey team tied on Friday and lost Saturday, which was the first time they've had back-to-back non-wins since 1/23/2010. Quite a streak.

Bostonbaby said...

There were some questionable calls late like the raji charge which should have been a blocking foul dude was under the rim anyways I think people were expecting bc to lose so u don't think it really hurt their chances to get to the tourney. They still got work to do and maybe a couple wins in the acc tourney won't hurt. I didn't like the last shot by Reggie but then again now that I think about it if he drives and there is any contact their not blowing the whistle so that was the only shot he had. I really hate to think what they could have been with rakim and the three other freshmen that transferred but hey what can you do

mod10aeagle said...

BC deserves some credit for holding UNC to 48 points, its lowest point total at home ever, I think. At no time during the first 36 minutes of this game did it look like BC had a chance to keep it close, let alone win it. The athleticism gap throughout the line-up, including Jackson, was obvious, but somehow BC hung in there. Paris' confidence seemed lacking when he passed up a clean look at a three late in the second half and with the shot clock running out. After Raji hit two huge treys to bring BC within three (I think), I would've expected the Eagles to be looking to him on the subsequent possessions, but they seemed to forget he was on the court. He was left alone a couple of times beyond the arc and the ball handlers never looked his way. But, again, they showed character and persistence in the face of a superior foe. Good for them.

Bravesbill said...

You absolutely had to shoot a 3 at the end of the game. Even if Jackson hit a 2, UNC would have been able to regroup during the break and they would have come out and cleaned BC's clocks in the OT. Better to steal the win there in that situation than risk getting destroyed in overtime.

Galvin said...

I agree Bravesbill, I think UNC would have dominated the OT. That was our chance and I was happy Reggie took the shot. It missed by a hair.

Deacon Drake said...

Gotta beat Tech and get the sweep over them and MD. That draws the line in the sand for the ACC. If BC ends up tied with either or both of them, they always have that. 3-1 down the stretch, plus beating Wake again in the first round of the ACC tourney should be enough wins.

And how big of an impact did that non-goaltending have in the first two minutes.