Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick Schedule breakdown

THe ACC released the 2011 football schedules today. Here is BC's:

Sept. 10 -- at UCF
Sept. 17 -- DUKE
Oct. 8 -- at Clemson
Oct. 22 -- at Virginia Tech
Oct. 29 -- at Maryland
Nov. 3 -- FLORIDA STATE (Thursday)
Nov. 12 -- NC STATE
Nov. 19 -- at Notre Dame
Nov. 26 -- at Miami

Good news
We are back on Thursday nights! Now that the SEC and Pac 10 play on Thursday, the former staple of the BC schedule has become rare. I always think of it as a great showcase for the program. I also like that the UMass game is back to Parents' Weekend. Starting our season with a FBS cupcake has been a momentum killer and Fools Gold. I also like the extra preparation time for NC State and Virginia Tech.

Bad news
We have some brutal stretches in this set up. Going on the road for three straight games (which includes Blacksburg and Death Valley) is tough. Then after that stretch we take on Florida State on short week. We also close on the road with games at Notre Dame and Miami.

If Vegas put up lines today, I think we would be favored against Duke, Wake and UMass and would also be a slight favorite on the road against an improving UCF. We should be able to win all four. That means we would just have to go 2-6 against the rest of the schedule to get bowl eligible. I think it can be done. If our offense improves by even three points a game, we are a bowl team.


mod34b said...

ATL -- very pessimistic outlook. :~(

Drink the Kool Aid my's only February.

Let's hope the goal in not to just become bowl eligible. I want to try to win the ACC.

Jeff said...

If we didn't miss out on a bowl last year, we're not going to miss on a bowl this year. I can't imagine our team not improving... frankly, I don't want to imagine it!

eagle1331 said...

For anyone considering traveling, aside from the obvious, UCF is a fantastic place to go.

a) it's in orlando, for those with families
b) the weather is better than in Boston that time of the year, though not phenomenally warm
c) the stadium is actually very nice
d) their campus is like a giant outdoor mall
e) their tailgating, albeit it young, is awesome
f) cheap to fly to

Teej said...

one mistake on the schedule. According to Wake is parents weekend. Though that could be a typo.

chicagofire1871 said...

Too bad the Miami game is over Thanksgiving, I really wanted to travel to that one.

Big Jack Krack said...

FSU on a short week is brutal, but at least they have a short week as well - having played NC State in Tallahassie.

I think that's very tough on college athletes.

Any BC-hater who says we have a cupcake schedule this fall is nuts.

Dan said...

Harvard took out BU in the first game. Nice!

Looks like Channelsurfing has gone bye bye. Anyone have any streaming links?

Anfield10 said...

I can't find anywhere streaming it. Oh well. I am just listening to it

1-0 BC!! Awesome!

rc said...

6 to 6 end of 3rd. Some game!

Let's not let the Huskies win in OT agin, like 23 years ago!

Go BC - Go Coach York.

Get them ready for the OT.

mod34b said...

BC wins bean pot!!!!

Total domination in OT. It almost wasn't fair.

Very exciting win

Deacon Drake said...

Wow, per usual (besides last year), Virginia Tech plays the weakest non conference schedule (best game is Appalachian St). NC St is a very close second. Everybody else seems to play a fair mix of 1 AA opponent, 1 crappy non-BCS team, 1 decent non-BCS or weaker BCS team (or Notre Dame), and one decent BCS opponent.

No academies this year either... odd.

Scott said...

This is tough schedule.

NW & UCF are good (not great), with enough returning talent and experience to be in mid-season form from the get go. These are much tougher opponents in Sept than Nov. The difference between 0-2 & 2-0 is so slight. All comes down to whether the offense carries its weight.

Next 3 are must wins, and should wins.

Clemson should never lose, but our defense matches up, and this is another year we can take advantage.

I fear the open date won't matter. Given how hopeless the offense has looked the last 3 years, I'll take a "moral victory" if the offense is competitive and puts up 300+ yards with sustained drives for points when it matters.

FSU and ND are truly long-odds, but glad we have them late in the season.

We can catch Maryland in the Fridge hang-over, and I feel good about NCSU and Miami without QBs.

7-5 seems like par for this course, with 1-2 good wins. Respectable, and even encouraging if the O improves weekly, and competes against the best.

8-4 would be a huge leap, and a reason to expect a special season in Chases's last 2 years.

Big Jack Krack said...

Good post, Scott.

For those of us sick of starting the season with the likes of Weber State and Kent State - we got our wish.

The good news is that if we can win those games, we're much better set up for later success.

The games against Duke, MASS and Wake should produce wins. We could potentially go into Clemson 5 and 0 or 4 and 1. We will have been tested much more so than by preparing for (at) Clemson against Northeastern and Kent State. We'll walk in there with some experience!

I haven't read much about him, but VT has a 6'5" 260lb athletic QB replacing Taylor - so there won't be much relief there.

I never know if we'll beat MD or not. 6 and 2 at the end of October will be super; 5 and 3 not bad and 4 and 4 probably realistic.

What do we think about the final 4 games? 2 and 2 would be good, really.

8 and 4 very optimistic; 7 and 5 pretty darned good under the circumstances; worst case 4 and 8, which would not be a good result.

I think we're capable of beating each and every team on our schedule. If I didn't believe that - I wouldn't be a die-hard fan. I'm proud of this schedule - it will be a great test.