Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Signing Day storylines

This should be a pretty uneventful Signing Day for BC. I will have a recap and my thoughts later today when everyone is signed and official. This is what to watch as the day progresses.

Christian Suntrup signing

Suntrup is the keystone to the class and another promising pocket passer. He has said all the right things, but that hasn't stopped the rumors and speculation. Michigan and Miami both made late pushes, but Suntrup still seems headed for Boston. If he stays true to his word, BC will finally be back on plan for grooming a QB instead of rushing kids out as freshman.

Using the last scholarship

When Graham Stewart ditched BC for Florida it opened up another spot in the class. It looks likes we will save the scholarship for a transfer or walkon, but there are still a few prospects hoping for a last minute offer. I am against banking scholarships in general. I think attrition and injuries can drain any season. The added depth of that last two or three scholarships can make a difference.

Will the staff get announced after signing day.

I don't think BC will announce the new OC tomorrow, but I do expect it by the end of the week. Plus after signing day you don't have to worry about kids decommitting.


BCDoubleEagle said...

Dear current BC students:
Way to pull out that clever "What's the matter with NC? NC sucks!" chant last night. You sound like idiots.

Erik said...

As I was waiting for my friend outside Conte last night, I saw Coach Spaziani enter the game. Two things were strange:

1. He enters through the same entrance as fans, Gate C? There isn't a better way through the offices?
2. He didn't need to be working the phones on last minute recruiting, or be available in case Mike Siravo needs to hand the phone to him?

Joseph said...

Interesting observation, Erik. Any chance that it is a good thing for the coach to mingle with and be one of the fans? Any chance that he feels that the recruiting job was done, and was being handled by competent assistants? Any chance that his cell phone would ring if he were to be needed? C'mon can some of you ever stop looking for the negative. This was about as silly as it gets.

Scott said...

I think the week before signing is quiet period, but not sure.

eagle1331 said...

Screw 4 or 5 star recruits, BC needs to find a way to get Clemson or FSUs recruiting coordinators.. they are cleaning up..

BCDoubleEagle said...

Per Rivals, the entire class is now signed.

D.J. Murphy said...

On my side of the student section, we were chanting, "What's the matter with Henson? Henson sucks!" not NC.

I agree that this cheer is not very creative, but I don't have a problem with it. Besides that cheer, we did the usual "Let's go eagles" and "We are...BC" chants along with a few "Reggie! Reggie!" chants.

I am open to suggestions for cheers that students can consistently yell.

Big Jack Krack said...

It's on the BC website

Spaziani Announces 2011 Football Signing Class consisting of 23 student-athletes.

Christian Suntrup is in!

D signees look great at my first glance.

Go BC.

Lenny Sienko said...

Pleased to see the basketball signing of Odio from FLA.

Odio Signing

Ry said...

also a note re: Spaz...he bounced with about 10 minutes left in the 2nd half. i'll be sure to return the favor during football season if the offense performs as poorly as our D did last night

mod34b said...

Looks to be a decent recruiting class. We are roughly the same Rival ranking as PSU, Wisc, VTech, GTech at #38. If Stewart did not "creep" away, we wouldv'e been a few ticks higher.

We are ahead of Maryland and NCSU and Wake. While Clemson and FSU each had huge years recruiting, we still got a shot going forward. We know that Dabo is BC's best friend. Kinda like how Charlie Weis was so good to us during his years of futility at ND. ND also had a highly ranked class.

In contrast, Syracuse and UConn are not in the top 50 recuiting classes, neither has any 4* recruits, and Syracuse is 7/8 in BE recruiting and UConn is last. LAST!!

So, overall, it is a pretty good class. Not one of BC's all time best classes, but Spaz and Co are putting in serious effort and getting decent results.

EL MIZ said...

from ESPN "Ranking the top 10 early enrollees":

6. Albert Louis-Jean, Boston College Eagles, CB

Blessed with long arms, great range and the smoothness scouts love to see in a corner, the 6-1, 175-pound Louis-Jean could be able to immediately fill the vacancy left by the departure of boundary CB Chris Fox, the one secondary starter who will be gone from the 2010 Eagles defense.

Take Fox out and plug ALJ in. Kuechly is back along with KPL. Solid recruits elsewhere on the D side. Should be another strong BC D in 2011.

Hopefully the O shows up now that 3rd and 9quill is gone!

Scott said...

I was little disappointed in the quality of the press-release. In past years I recall much longer bios with lots and lots of awards (dating back to T-Ball). This is the first time I recall seeing references to schools that actually extended offers, versus only "recruited." Two quick observations from this list of offers (assuming they are true):

1) The offer list for a handful of our "3-stars" sure seems to resemble "4 stars" I suspect 2 of these 4 coulda/shoulda been notched up:
- Suntrup (how is he not a Rivals 4-star when ranked #17 at his position, which is the same or higher than S.Daniels, S.Phillips, M.Goodman, O.Okapara, Laptham, Wujack
- Borcich
- Evans
- S.Duggan

2) Several of our 2-stars are sporting offers and awards that strongly suggest 3 stars, if not overlooked by rivals, particularly:
- Keyes & Nelson earned offers from Illinois, Indiana, Lousiville ... Syracuse made a late run at Keyes).
- Howell
- Meredith (if MSU offered).

From this, I'd say the only two-star types are Ricci, Asprilla, Rositano, Richardson. For what's worth, UVA tried to recruit Rositano late when the lost out on their big names.

mod34b said...

Like your point Scott.

If you make your 3 stars into 4s and 2s into 3s, where does BC rival rank go! Top 20??

Erik said...

Scott, I don't know much about recruiting ranking because I never pay for those subscriptions, but is he #17 quarterback, or is he #17 pro-style quarterback in a world with separate dual-threat quarterbacks, making him ranked anywhere from 20-50 in overall QB rankings? That could be why he's a 3 and not a 4.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Who cares about star rankings? They are a joke. B.J. Raji, who you'll see in the Superbowl in a few days, was a 2-star. Matt Ryan and Luke Kuechly were 3-stars. Jamie Silva was a 2-star. The list goes on and on. These star rankings are just a scam that Scout and Rivals cooked up to try to make money.

Scott said...

Yeah, yeah, we all know the "star rating" system has its holes and corruptions, but we still use it as a proxy for how coveted a recruit was by good programs. And ultimately, that's what we'll default to to assess whether our recruiting is trending up or down year over year.

For those purposes alone, it seems hard to say that Evans, Suntrup, Duggan and Borchich wasn't ever bit the "recruiting coup" of coup for the majority of our other 4-stars the past few years. Those guys are fielding multiple offers for the likes of Stanford/Wisconsin (in banner years), oklahoma, Miami, MIchigan, etc.

Regardless, I'm much happier to have talent that other college coaches like after extensive film and in person study (rather than some rivals guys watching 10 second clips in his tight-whities, while living with his mom).

I'm curious to hear reports of the recruiting dinner on Keyes and Richardson, who were largely mysteries to us ... though word on Keyes got out several schools. What i found interesting is that although these guys played some safety in highschool (I suspect to reduce their running and contact), these guys were dominating running backs who earned some praise for cuts, elusiveness, and athleticism (and in the case of Keyes, raw speed). It sounds like they are projecting to safety based on what they did at RB, and apparently Richardson is a legit punt-returner.