Sunday, March 13, 2011


Despite the mounting evidence that BC would be left out, I held out hope that we would sneak into the NCAA Tournament. It was not to be. The ACC as a whole was snubbed with Virginia Tech also getting left out and Clemsom being forced into the play-in game. Where did things go wrong? Yale and URI hurt. Losing to Miami twice hurt. BC was also impacted by some things out of our control: like Cal, UMass, South Carolina and Indiana having down years. Those games could have been nice "resume" wins, but none really impressed.

While we whined, the team had the right perspective -- the team "got what they deserved." It looks like Donahue will use this as motivation for this postseason and for the years ahead.

The consolation, BC did earn the No. 1 seed in the NIT. If we advance will face the winner of Northwestern and UM-Milwaukee. Of course because this is BC and it is never that simple, BC will be on the road at McNeese State for the opener of the NIT. I am still waiting on official word as to why BC is traveling, but I imagine the excuse will be related to conflicts at Conte.

I never want to take anyone lightly, but McNeese State hasn't accomplished much. They lost to Washington and Miami in their only real tests. Their strength of schedule is terrible. They are not a good defensive team and they don't have much size. If we come to play, this shouldn't be close.

Our game will be on ESPNU Tuesday night. While it is not where I want to be, a BC game on TV is better than no BC game on TV.

The NIT is such an afterthought these days, but I hope we take this seriously. If BC wants to make a statement, if Donahue wants to show that he can put multiple good games together and if the seniors want to go out with their heads high, then they will go win the NIT. Ever to excel and get to the Garden!


Dan said...

Hopefully the Don gets the team to make a deep run in the NIT.

On a more positive note (or a jinxy note) the football team is amazingly getting early love from Rivals. Despite being riddled with factual errors (ie. Montel being a junior or Dillon Quinn being from Mass) it's cool to see some positive press.

Darius said...

Players just like to play. The team will take the NIT seriously. They don't want the season to end till the dustbowl is full of bikinis. It's the "fans" who are completely blah on the whole NIT thing.

When the football team underachieves again this fall, it won't be due to a "Rivals jinx."

morrina said...

ATL, please find out why we have to travel. It's a disgrace that we have to go to halfway across the country. Conflicts at Conte? Can't be for hockey, so waht else? I would rather play in Agganis Arena, Power Gym, or even the YMCA in Boston that suffer the indignity of having to play at McNeese State. The last time this happened was Troy Bell's senior year, and we had to play two road games because BC was a "host" for the NCAAs at the Garden.

MP said...

One Shot. This may be an over simplification, but IMO, if Reggie's 3-ball goes down in Chapel Hill, BC is in. They ended up where they belong. Came up just short to make the dance. Overall, a very strong effort in the Don's first season.

bcoffey said...

Completely random thought, but the NCAAs should allow the winner of the NIT to slot into the elite eight or sweet sixteen. Wouldn't that make for a more interesting way to expand the tourney, instead of this first four concept? It'd be cool, giving the snubbed a little glimmer of hope for getting revenge

Doornekamp! said...

sorry - here's the article I meant to reference. It's a rather interesting behind the scenes look into the process (or lack thereof):

Calvin said...

While we totally didn't deserve to make the tourney with our collapse against Clemson and only one Top 50 RPI win, I'd love to see our seniors win the NIT and make a statement to the selection committee.

William said...

The scheduling conflict is such bs, hockey teams practice in the early afternoon & routinely practice off campus, if the practice is held at Conte they could turn it over for basketball like they do whenever we have a doubleheader.

The truth is GDF doesn't want to take the time to organize something that will attract maybe 1k fans.

mmason said...

Some of us whined, yes...and some of us said a while back that this year's Eagle Basketball Team was often difficult to watch because they were talented but inconsistent, not always playing focused defense, often unable to score in the paint and lacking something that gets a good team to the Big the jazz needed to knock off a ranked team, and not get beaten up by a Harvard, Yale, Rhode Island and a Clemson, among others.

I think this team has great potential, and maybe the NIT is right where we belong this year on the trail to a grander style, a big inside presence and smarter, wiser floor leadership. Some character. Coach D has done a great job with what was a team with little identity. They know now that they can win when they do what's needed...and they know why they sucked when they did (and they did that, too.)

Hope Reggie and the vets just learn that every night is a big game if you want "respect"...every single game every night and day. A finale in The Garden would be nice, in a year when the NIT almost looks more together than the "new NCAA tourney." Go Eagles!