Monday, March 14, 2011

Ho-hum Hockey and other links

I spent most of my weekend thinking about basketball and once again ignored BC hockey. Both the men and women had impressive weekends and are skating towards championships. I guess we are all so spoiled by hockey's success, we and I take it for granted.

The women had the big news. They beat Minnesota 4-1 to advance to the Frozen Four. They take on Wisconsin on Friday in Erie, PA. If you are in eastern Ohio or western PA, you might want to head over to the game.

Jerry York's crew swept UMass as expected and earned the right to face Northeastern in the Hockey East semis. Friday's game is a double-header at the Garden.

One of the silver linings of the NIT is it is a chance for Biko Paris to play in his home state.

Former BC assistant and current Fairfield coach Ed Cooley is a leading candidate for the Providence opening. It would be a great fit and I wish Cooley luck.

Kenpom gives us a 75% chance at victory on Tuesday.


mod34b said...

Cooley move - tough one for Rakim:

"As one can imagine, transfers Rakim Sanders and Desmond Wade, who are sitting out this season, and the three freshmen, Keith Matthews, Jamel Fields and Maurice Barrow, are privately hoping that Cooley stays put. Especially Sanders, who came to Fairfield from Boston Colleg because of Cooley.

"Before I signed with BC, Cooley had been the first one to recruit me, so I knew him. And once he left, he kept in contact with me," Sanders said. "When the whole coaching staff changed over there (at BC) and I felt like I needed a change, I knew coach Cooley was building a program over here, it was one the rise and I felt I could help the team out.

"'He's like a father figure. He understands what everyone's going through on and off the court. When you have that in a coach, someone that's always going to be there, that's special. He wants to help me become a better person, not just a better player.'"

Read more:"

BCDoubleEagle said...

BC will offer half-price tailgating and DBS spots to young alumni this fall

Ry said...

not sure if this got posted last week as i was on vacation, but they played this video during the 2nd intermission of the BC vs UNH game on 3/4. they do great work for these hockey highlight videos.

Scott said...

I have a feeling Cooley doesn't share Rakim's sorrow. I have a few friends who are Fairfield alums, and they've all heard stories that cooley has tossed Rakim out of practice multiple times (often with not such nice words) for being supremely lazy.

As an aside, has anyone heard that BC passed on the opening round of the NIT to game, as a reward to the hockey teams for making the real post season? They would have to miss practice if not.

Lenny Sienko said...

Can't Sanders just follow Cooley to Providence? He sat out a year. Does it matter where he sits if he didn't play for Fairfield?

Scott said...

Rakim sat out a year for leaving BC. But he's have to sit out another year for leaving Fairfield if he moved again.

Regardless, I doubt Cooley would want to take a 5th year with him to providence, especially a lazy one.

Bravesbill said...

Since Fairfield is losing its coach, would't its players be able to transfer without the year penalty?