Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making the most of McNeese State scrimmage

BC beat McNeese State in the opener of the NIT, yet it was wholly unsatisfying. We played really well in the first half. But it only made me wonder where this efficiency and effort was against Clemson. The second half was another sloppy half-hearted effort that left me empty. I never feared that the game was in doubt yet I never got excited. That 20 minutes of basketball felt like a chore to watch. I couldn't wait for the game to end. Yet indirectly the awful second half got me more invested in the NIT. Now, because I've already watched some lame basketball, I feel the team owes us (and me) an NIT Championship. They can win it. All they need to do is play well in 40 minute blocks. The team that played in the first half can beat anyone in the country. Here are my thoughts on our trip to Lake Charles. Leave yours below.


-- Reggie Jackson's 3s. As I said, the game was never in doubt, but that was in part because Reggie killed any of their momentum with some killer 3s. He was especially good with the shotclock running down.
-- Raji and Southern on the low block. Raji got most of his points on putbacks and cuts, while Southern did his work with his back to the basket. It gave the offense some nice diversity. It also should be a blueprint anytime we go against a team that doesn't have strong interior defenders.
-- Road Warriors. This team could have mailed it in. But on short notice they traveled to a relatively remote area and strange gym and took care of business. The mental toughness is a little late for the games that matter but maybe it is a sign of what Donahue will establish next year.


-- Turnovers. Reggie got sloppy at times. So did Biko. Way too much dribbling into traffic and some careless passes that did not need to be made.
-- Trapani's touch. He missed some close ones and bricked a dunk. Nitpicky but needed to be said.

BC will play the winner of Northwestern and UW-Milwaukee this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that the game will be played at Conte.


chicagofire1871 said...

Anyone watching first round NIT games on ESPN3.com is a true Eagles fan. Sadly (I guess) I'm not one of these devoted fans.

Wake me up when football season rolls around again.

Nebby A said...

Good effort overall...as my buddy said, this game showed what league Southern should have been recruited to play in, although I'm happy he was in maroon and gold yesterday. Keep rolling fellas.

BCMurt09 said...

I had listen via radio over the computer, but the turnovers worried me as well. Even the announcers were commenting on the high turnover rate. It worries me that this was happening, but I"m not sure we take the same risks that against a better team.

I really think this team as a shot at at least making it to the Garden as well. It may be "just the NIT" but its still BC basketball and I like it when we win.

Mike said...

You can stay asleep for football season too chicagofire. We don't need more apathetic fans

mod10aeagle said...

I liked Reggie's comments in the post-game, on-court interview. He said that the team felt dissed by the NCAA selection committee and felt they needed to go out and win the NIT to prove themselves. They showed that attitude in the first half last night, but once the game was in the bag and they knew McNeese didn't have the horses to beat them, they lost the intensity. I'm confident they'll get it back for the next round and sustain it for as long as they need it.

I would like to have seen Rubin get some minutes last night, work on creating enough space to get off a few shots.

Doornekamp! said...

Josh Southern looked like a combination of David Robinson, Shaq, and Wilt Chamberlain against McNeese State. I think that's all we need to know about why we looked better against McNeese State than we did against Clemson.

Danny Boy said...

Our 2nd half last night looked like both of the 2nd halves against Wake Forest. I'm not sure if its the team, or the coaching, but we never step on the throat.

I like that Steve D goes deeper into the bench in these scenarios and gets some other guys more playing time, but I worry that sooner or later it may bite us in the end.

Big Jack Krack said...

Ok BC - keep playing this NIT with pride and intensity. Go deep, or even win it all in the Big Apple - a fantastic way to end the season and the careers of several seniors.

On the football side - this note from today's Boston Globe - "Of the injured players from last season, only wide receiver Colin Larmond Jr. (knee surgery) is still on the inactive list." Let's hope that Colin can make a complete recovery through rehabilitation and that he can run his routes without worry this season. What a boost that would be to our team and our fortunes.

Big Jack Krack said...

Other BC notes from the Herald (which had a pretty good article on Rogers and Rettig).

Suffering from tendinitis in his surgically repaired left knee, running back Montel Harris was held out of drills. Coach Frank Spaziani hopes to have Harris available at some point this spring. Note - I have been worried about Montel since this injury, which looked more severe than reported when it happened.

Offensive tackle Mike Goodman (foot), guard Nathan Richman (illness) and defensive end Mehdi Abdesmad (hamstring) also did not participate.

Receiver Colin Larmond, rehabbing from surgery on ACL and MCL tears, will not participate this spring, nor will defensive tackle Kaleb Ramsey (shoulder).

Ry said...

Just got this e-mail from BC Athletics regarding the NIT:

Boston College will host a second round game of the NIT against the winner of the Northwestern vs. Milwaukee game on either Saturday, March 19 (at either 11 a.m. or 1 p.m.) or Sunday, March 20 at 11 a.m. The decision of the exact date and time will be determined after the Northwestern vs. Milwaukee game tonight. As a season-ticket holder, you will have the opportunity to purchase your season seat locations for $15. To place an order for tickets to the game, please click on link below. The deadline to guarantee your seat(s) will be Thursday, March 17 at noon. After this date all areas of the arena will be open for sale to non-season ticket holders. If you have any questions please call the ticket office at 617 552-3000.

You may also request additional tickets (exceeding your season ticket allotment). These tickets will be located as close as possible to your season tickets.

Thank you for your support and Go Eagles!

Benjamin said...

BJK following you up on that article. I was particularly impressed with this comment from Rodgers:
" “And I always tell my guys, ‘You can’t kind of know, you have to know it cold so you can react to it.’ ”"

As far as I can tell, this shows that Rodgers means business in preparing the offense. Hopefully this means crisper routes from receivers, an in sync o-line, and a qb that operates well under pressure. We lacked polish on the offense last year, though that's an understatement.

mod34b said...

Herzy a projected 3rd round pick.


chicagofire1871 said...
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