Friday, March 18, 2011

A Basketball star on the way and other links

When Steve Donahue signed Ryan Anderson, most viewed him as a solid building block. Now he may be Donahue's first superstar. The California big man was named the state's Gatorade Player of the Year. BC has signed individual Gatorade winners before, but getting the top player in California is obviously a bigger deal than say the Gatorade winner from New Hampshire. If Jackson returns and Anderson can make an immediate impact, BC might surprise people again next year.

The women are in Erie for their Frozen Four game against Wisconsin. If they win, they will face our friends from the other end of Comm Ave.

BC target Caleb Stacey just picked up an offer from USF. Another Cincy prospect Joe Bolden got an offer from Michigan. BC has an offer to Missouri LB Michael Scherer, but he really seems to want to go to Stanford.

More Ed Cooley to Providence talk continues.

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harrow said...

Great to see the pride of Sharon get crushed today. What a scumbag. Can we take his diploma away as well. He is an embarassment to BC.