Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can you make the BC Triple header?

This is a challenge to all current students. If you consider yourself a Super Fan, you must attend the basketball doubleheader at Conte on Saturday and then follow that with an evening of hockey at the Garden.

Why is this important for students? Because, as I've mentioned before, the real world is right around the corner. Wasting your day watching two NIT games and the Hockey East Finals is something that can't be replicated. You will get free tickets. You will get to see BC play a decent Big 10 team! You will be able to say "I was there."

BC's 2011 NIT got off to a rocky start. After beating McNeese State the team endured a hellish series of flights in an effort to get home. They deserve a great home game. Be there to support them.

The BC women's basketball team is always overlooked. I understand. This Saturday is a chance to change that. After the BC men play their game, the women will take over the court. If you simply stay in your seat from earlier in the day, you can give the women the biggest home crowd of the season.

The other day on Twitter, I suggested playing the NIT game in Power Gym. My suggestion was not intended to mock the NIT. It was actually the opposite. I wanted the team to play in Power simply for the novelty. Power is not going to happen but you can do your part to make this unique. Get there early and make noise.

I know the hockey game is not on campus, but it is still accessible. Go to the Garden. This will be your chance to watch the best team on campus do their thing.

The NIT stinks. I know we would all rather be in the Big Dance. But the only redeeming aspect of the NIT are the on campus games. Take advantage of this.

I want the athletes to feel your support, but ultimately it isn't about them. It is about making memories...three of them. Go!!!

Please note: I know Hockey needs to win Friday to advance to Saturday night's game.


BCDoubleEagle said...

York named Hockey East coach of the year. Despite all his success, this is only his second time winning this award. Congrats, Jerry.

Ry said...

the craziest part of york winning it this year is that it's really easy to argue that it should have gone to Coach Dennehy at Merrimack for what he has done with their program this year.

smh said...

this post is corny. making memories at a women's NIT game? HUH!?

i think im gonna watch the 2nd round of the NCAAs.

blist said...

SMH, ATL is right - I'm a huge BC hockey fan and wish I could also go to the NIT tomorrow morning, but between kids and job, house maintenance, the real world interferes and I can't do any of them. Do it while you can.

Love the BC basketball California pipeline already. think how much harder it is to get a recruit's attention in the northeast, between all the ACC and Big East teams jumping on kids. Not that there isn;t competition in Cali, but the ACC still represents the top level of bball (I know not this year) and that's gotta help.

Benjamin said...

SMH - go away...