Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Deacs again and where were stand in projections

It's time to play Wake Forest again. I think we will win. The team has been playing much better of late. After Wake's quick start our defense got used to their sets and slowed them down. While the Deacons might add a wrinkle or two from Sunday, their basic concept is still in place. My fear is that we won't be as sharp from 3, but Trapani, Raji and Southern should be able to score inside.

Kenpom gives us a 90% chance at victory. Most odds makers have us as a 13-point favorite.

Wake bloggers are not optimistic.

Now entering the game we are still in via Lunardi, Bracketolgy 101 and

I think we will win and with the win cement our spot in the Big Dance.

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