Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pro Day results and other links

As usual other players from other New England schools were invited. Unfortunately due to the lockout, recent BC guys were not allowed to work out. That was a tough blow for some of the young guys trying to catch on with an NFL team as a free agent.

The knock on Castonzo still seems to be his ability to handle speed rushers. Most scouts project Herzy as a third rounder and have concerns about his speed.

The NFLPA is asking top draft picks not to attend the NFL Draft. This may effect Castanzo. Anthony doesn't seem like a boat rocker, so I predict he will not show up at Radio City.

Holy Cross beat the baseball team. Baseball's record now stands at 8-10.

Even thought BC was in early on Graham Shuler, it still seems like BC is a long shot to land the OL prospect.


EaglesBro said...

Really going out on a limb there. Castanzo (sic), if invited to the draft, will likely not attend regardless. He's projected as a late first round pick. No one wants to be the last person left in the green room.

Rob said...

The SN article says he locked up a top-15 pick with his performance.

Scott said...

What did Herzy run in 40? He really needs to get in the low 4.8s for people to believe he can replicate his 2008 play. Though I certainly think he's still healing from (1) the loss of muscle/tissue/strength/flexibility from a year off while being radiated, (2) subsequent rehab from major surgery to insert the rod, (3) and recent rehab from a stressed fracture to his foot.

He hasn't even been healthy a year. I'll bet this time next year he'll be back to 2009 form, and huge steal if he drops below the 3rd.