Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to expect at Pro Day and other links

Wednesday is BC's annual Pro Day. BC's current seniors, some local prospects and some recent alums will all be trying to impress NFL scouts. Some of the guys who didn't get invited to the NFL combine who have a chance to make an impression include James McCluskey, Alex Albright, and Thomas Claiborne. Mark Herzlich will also be under the microscope again. His slow 40-yard-dash time at the Combine hurt his draft stock. The Pro Day is a chance to undue some of the damage. Given all the conflicting Pro Days you probably won't see the who's who of the NFL. But Castonzo's status should be enough to entice representatives from all of the NFL teams. I will try to post updates as I get them on the blog and on twitter.

BC's baseball series with Virginia Tech will be played in Rhode Island. The baseball only field can't get here fast enough.

Interesting article from Heisman Pundit. He lists Kuechly as one of the best players who will not be a Heisman candidate. While unfair, the logic is sound. A junior defensive player from a middle of the pack ACC team is not winning college football's beauty pageant.

After all the speculation, Providence hired Ed Cooley. It is a good fit all around.


Cliff said...

Bill, the author is a female.

The Heisman Pundette (AKA, Stephanie Graves) is a sports journalist who believes that every player–from Mr.Irrelevant to the Heisman Trophy Winner–has a story…and she relishes in finding it!

billg said...


Due to the expiration of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement only draft-eligible players are able to participate at BC's Pro Day. Therefore, former players won't be permitted to work out.


will the thrill said...

How angry must Rakim Sanders be that Cooley left?

Walter said...

Her logic wasn't that sound. She also took the time to take potshots at the ACC and at BC as middling. And sure, we've been middling, but I will point out we are only 3 years removed from a top ten finish until I turn blue in the face. Kuechly is amazing on his own terms, not because he stands out in a sea of mediocrity - especially an unfair claim to make about our defense, which is always topnotch.

mod34b said...

the Keuchley piece is dumb..

for example, the author says:

"Though the ACC is an automatic qualifier, it is not, traditionally speaking, a “football conference.” "

Really? I guess the ACC has only been playing football as a conference for 58 years. Maybe we need a few more decades under our belt1

Nick said...

For what it's worth, from Chad Ford's chat on ESPN.com today:

Gil (Boston)
Any news on if Reggie Jackson will declare? Where would he be going if he entered?

Chad Ford
He's considering it. Scouts have gotten very high on him the past month and half. A likely first round pick who could really explode in workouts.

mod10aeagle said...

Jackson actually has a chance to learn how to play the game after scuffling along with Big Al. Leaving early would be a costly mistake.

Patrick said...

Perhaps Reggie has been saving himself for the workouts. As good and as talented as he is --- which is VERY --- he was either mentally checked out for a few games down the stretch or inexplicably discouraged. I saw a little too much Sean Marshall in him during the Clemson and Northwestern games. If you can't bring it every night in college, you won't cut it in the NBA. And despite his gifts (and the fact that he carried this years team to most of the wins they got), Reggie's still very, very, very inconsistent. Not ready.

eagleboston said...

There was an article in Men's Health last month about a new running technique called "spiraling." Apparently, Tyson Gay used it to beat Usain Bolt last summer. Perhaps Herzy and Co should learn this technique prior to Pro Day.

VinnyBostonCollegeEagle said...

Not pro day related but it's BC related!

Time to give the Women's Ice Hockey Team some love on a great season! Check out the season long highlight video!


Scoop said...


Any plans to have a Colorado College blogger submit some comments on the hockey game Friday a la the football pre-game articles?

Has anyone noticed that Nathan Gerbe is lighting it up for the Sabres after a slow start? He's playing the way he did when he led BC to the title in '08.

Any further info on Chris Kreider's recovery?

BCDoubleEagle said...

The BC Interruption blog traded questions with a Colorado College blog earlier this week.