Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BC's clean record and other links

The Wall Street Journal noted that BC is one of only four BCS teams that have never been found guilty of any major violation. The other rule followers are Northwestern, Penn State and Stanford. This sort of rehashes my post from earlier this year. It is just not in BC's culture to cheat in sports. Our fans don't care that much.

Spencer tries to explain the logic of the ACC divisions.

BC lost out on two recruits that seemed like good fits. The first was IL QB Wes Lunt. The bigger surprise though was Jason Sylva's commitment to UConn. We just offered Sylva and he supposedly always loved BC. Something got lost in the sales pitch. We are loaded at LB, but I do have concerns when we lose out to UConn on players that should be ours.

Jeff Goodman says Joe Jones and Al Skinner are both in the mix for the BU opening. I would hate to lose Jones at this point. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I am surprised it has taken this long, but I do think BU is going in the right direction.

BC took part in a conference for schools competing for attention in a pro market. I'll have more on this later in the week.

The ACC named BC Golfer John Nurczynski to its all academic team.


Jamie M said...

I'm officially starting to worry about the recruiting. 3 guys is not good at this stage. Losing Mass guys to UConn is unacceptable. UNC is blowing our doors off and they're about to get reamed by the NCAA.
Step it up Spaz!

On the other hand, things could be worse as evidenced by old fav's West Virginia...

Dan said...

This time last year and the year before we only had 4 recruits and both turned out to be a great classes.

I wouldn't worry too much about Spaz's recruiting style. The media/ die-hard fans may not like his Ho-hum attitude but recruits and probably more importantly their parents seem to like his down to earth approach.

NEDofSavinHill said...

BC also lost JOrdan Todman to UCONN, when Todman wanted to go to BC. JAGS said he'd have to play corner back. Spaz has done well on recruiting. Hopefully it'll translate to victories.
ON ANOTHER NOTE: It's a total falsehood that BC had a "watered down schedule" under TOB. Under TOB, BC beat Notre Dame five times, Virginia Tech three times, Penn State twice, Stanford once, Georgia once, BYU twice and Boise State once. BC won 7 straight bowls, including beating Boise State at Boise State, which no other team has done in about eight years. There's nothing "watered down" about TOB's schedule. Blaudshaun is a shill for GDF. Did GDF "water down" the bowl schedules for BC during TOB's tenure? Are non-conference games against Penn State, BYU, Standford and Notre Dame indicative of a "watered down" schedule? Blaudshaun also is a shill for the Big East and "waters down" Trangese's misfeasance as BE commissioner. If BC had stayed in the Big East, as Blauds and the Boston Globe advised them to, they'd be losing about 13 million dollars a year, a quarter of a billion dollars over two decades. Take everything from the Globe, Blaudshaun, ESPN and GDF with a grain of salt; it's mostly spin.

Erik said...

Why did I think we lost both to Stanford? Did we win the home game?

Andrew said...

NED- When people (rightfully) complain about the weak schedule under TOB they are referring the out of conference schedule. BC, TOB, Spaz have no input over who we play in conference and no one is complaining about that.

Of the teams you just mentioned Va Tech was a conference opponent, Georgia and Boise State were bowl games- TOB did not have any choice in scheduling these opponenets.

So that leaves your list of powerhouses as: unranked Penn State, BYU + Stanford when they weren't very good and ND when they sucked for the most part.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm proud that we're on the list.

Erik - we lost at Stanford on 9/8/2001 by a score of 38 to 24 and won on 9/7/2002 at home 34 to 27

Big Jack Krack said...

Obviously, we'd all like to see our team score in the 30's going forward. If TOB's conservative offense could do it, hopefully Rogers can do it as well.

eagleboston said...

True, we don't have NCAA violations. We just shave points for Goodfellas and gamble on football.

Big Jack Krack said...

Speaking about schedules - I think our OOC schedule this year is pretty good and tough. We could win them all or lose 3 out of 4.

There was discussion about how bad the schedule was a few days ago - and the Thursday night game is tough for out of towners (I'm going to fly up for that one). But seriously, if I lived in Boston, I'd be in my seats for the Northwestern game - even if I was spending the weekend on the Cape. (The fans of other teams in our league routinely drive 150 miles or more each way to a home game).

Once the Labor Day Weekend is over, there was never a question that I would attend every home game. The home schedule is a "luck of the draw" kind of thing - and we have Duke and UMass back to back. Duke has a great quarterback and should be shown respect. We should show up for UMASS and pound them - otherwise, if there is apathy, we're in for a lousy tough game that doesn't have to be so. We should beat them by 5 touchdowns!

From South Carolina this year I will attend at Central Florida and at Miami. I am considering at Clemson (only because I have been there 3 times in a row) and at ND.

In Boston I will attend FSU and NC State.

Sept. 17 Duke – 12:30 p.m.
Sept. 24 Massachusetts – TBA
Oct. 1 Wake Forest – TBA
Nov. 3 Florida State – 8:00 p.m.
Nov. 12 NC State – TBA

After Wake we are at Clemson, at VTech and at Maryland. We finish at ND and at Miami.

Anyone who says that our schedule is not difficult or not interesting is mistaken in my view. This is one tough schedule.

On the other hand, since it's June and we can all be optimistic - we could go 5 and 0 coming out of the box going into Clemson with some enthusiasm from us - the fans!!!! Wouldn't that be sweet?

Walter said...

I don't think it's fair to equate our lack of violations with our fans not caring.

Cheaters don't care more - they just cut corners.

eagleboston said...

Agreed Big Jack. You actually know a little something about college football.

The game that mystifies me is Northwestern. How can you not get excited about that? This is a team that used an on-side kick to beat a Coughlin-coached BC team in '93, a game that helped propel them to the top of the Big Ten. This is a school that may even be better than BC academically and they run an exciting spread offense. It should be fun to see how they stack up against our run defense. And, they have a dynamic, young coach that is trying to get the 'Cats to the next level, similar to our goals to win the Atlantic. This has the potential to be an epic contest and a battle of 2 truly similar programs.

JBQ said...

That's why there was such a great surprise involved with the betting scandals in both football and basketball. The intermediary for the betting scandal in football was a former kicker at ND, Prendergast, I believe.

mod34b said...

We lost the kid LB to a rebuilding UConn - new coach - named I forget - departure of big playmakers etc. Why Pick a diminished UConn over a very good BC defense?

So you gotta figure this kid lacked the stones or the talent or both to compete with some of the defensive talent heading to BC and opted for UConn

Too bad, I guess

JBQ what is the "angry outsider" view of this?

Lenny Sienko said...

Paul Pasqualoni is an excellent recruiter with deep roots in New England. If Coach Spaz does not increase his effort, Coach P. will eat his lunch in recruiting,especially on defense.

Coach P. is a tireless worker, famous for sleeping in on a cot in his office during the season.

mod34b said...

Looks like a rash decision and maybe kid did not want to (could not) fight for PT at BC. Took easy route to PT by picking UConn . Also some possible academic future problems

“BC offered on June 15, the day I attended camp there,” Sylva said. “That’s where I was thinking I wanted to go. Then I went to a Connecticut camp on Sunday and was so impressed. There was something about that place. Everybody just raves about [head coach] Paul Pasqualoni and [defensive coordinator] Don Brown.

“I have a feeling they didn’t expect to get me to be honest. I’m just really dead-set on UConn.”

Sylva, who repeated his sophomore year at Tabor after he transferred from Plymouth South High School, will be a senior this fall. He’s the No. 10 prospect in Massachusetts.

UConn extended a scholarship offer Tuesday morning and he committed about two hours later. In addition to the BC offer, he also had an offer from Buffalo.

Sylva, who also plays running back, said Connecticut told him he’s a scholarship player on each side of the ball. Connecticut is bringing him in to play linebacker.

“I told them I have a sincere interest in playing linebacker,” he said. “Don Brown told me they’re very thin at my position and there’s a chance I can play early. I have my mind set on going there and being an impact player and I’m gonna hold myself to that.”

Sylva said he felt a strong connection with Brown, who played college football with one of Sylva’s uncles at Norwich University In Northfield, Vt.

“The recruiting process is a grind, so I wanted to get this done,” Sylva said. “I wanted to stay close to home. It’s a good fit. I’m a happy guy.”