Sunday, June 05, 2011

Honoring the original Superfan and other links

For many of us our history as BC fans begins the day we set foot on campus. But there is a long history of diehards that have been bleeding maroon and gold for decades. BC honored one of those diehards last week when they gave Don Croatti the Donlan award. Croatti is one of the founders of the Gridiron Club and a past president of the Varsity Club.

Due to the depth at Shooting Guard, Hoopsworld thinks that Reggie Jackson will fall to the second round. Yet when I see some of the names supposedly ahead of him ( Iman Shumpert? Really?) I think either the analysts are way off or NBA GMs didn't really watch Reggie play.

Here is a good review of the disappointing baseball season and what's ahead.

Around the Res took a deeper look at new verbal commitment Sam Grant.

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Erik said...

A thought about Kevin Rogers. Minnesota has been such a Boston sports pipeline:

David Ortiz - he worked out
Randy Moss - he worked out (for a while)
Kevin Garnett - he worked out

Now an OC is different than a player, and BC is different than pro sports, but let's keep that hot streak going. Maybe Rogers will light up the scoreboard.